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Kopitar nails 10-touch challenge on Twitter

Kings captain utilizes soccer skills to flawlessly pull off social media trend

by Pat Pickens @Pat_Pickens / Staff Writer

Anze Kopitar made all that pregame soccer pay off to the delight of his social media audience.

The Los Angeles Kings captain successfully executed the 10-touch challenge with a roll of toilet paper Wednesday.

Tweet from @LAKings: ������ @AnzeKopitar staying sharp with the #10touchchallenge

The extreme boredom of quarantining is prompting the internet to enact new challenges, and thus the 10-touch challenge was formed. Participants seek to complete 10 soccer touches with a full toilet-paper roll without it hitting the ground.

Kopitar, a native of Slovenia and soccer lover, didn't have much trouble nailing the premise even as his dog Gustl hustled through his path to get out of the way.

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