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LaFontaine discusses his three-goalie rotation

by Pat LaFontaine
In this week's 'Making of a Royal' blog, head coach Pat LaFontaine talks about his three-goalie rotation and how pleased he is with each of the keepers this season. After losing his projected starting goalie prior to the season, LaFontaine has seen great improvement in Matt Atwell, Peter Fosso and Canadian newcomer Zach Waiman. Currently, Fosso and Waiman are listed on the active roster and Atwell on the practice team.

On the USA Hockey youth level, you can only roster two goalies at a time, so what we've done is deem one of the goalies a practice goalie at any given time. We've been able to give opportunities to all three goalies to show what they can do and we've been pleased with the results.

Zach came onto the team about two-and-a-half months into the season so he was kind of a late addition. We originally had a goalie committed to [the Under-16 Long Island Royals National Team] out of Connecticut, but he had to back out at the last minute. He was our No. 1 goalie, and [Atwell and Fosso] were going to fight it out for the backup spot. We ended up starting the season with two goalies and I'm really pleased with the way they've progressed. [Assistant coach] Steve Webb received a tip that there was a boy looking for an opportunity [from Peterborough, Ont.] who was a really strong goalie. We talked about giving him an opportunity, and that's how that all came about. I think if we're going to prepare these kids to play at the next level in the "Making of a Royal," they need to know there's healthy competition within at team in vying for spots.

Zach apparently was injured after making the Junior A team [in Peterborough] and was out for a period of time. Word was he was a really strong goalie, so we felt he would be a real asset to the team. He got a late start with the team but the way we're looking at it right now, we have three strong goaltenders. Only thing is, we're still looking for that one to step up and vie for that position. At different times throughout the season, they've all played very well.

You probably are asking yourself how we go about choosing a starter. Well, at certain times we'll just go with the goalie that's really hot. Other times, we've been a good equal opportunist in different situations to have the kids show what they have. I've watched the goalies improve since the start of the season and I've watched them get stronger, better and faster. They've gotten better physically and mentally and their preparation has been a lot better.

Through those challenges, I've seen them push each other to be better and that's kind of what you hope for when you're carrying an extra player or two. There's a healthy competition and players understand they need to perform each and every practice or each and every game and compete at a high level. As long as they know that at the next level, their jobs are on the line all the time. They need to go out and produce, otherwise there could be another player waiting in the wings waiting to take that opportunity. In my opinion, it's a healthy way of preparing them for what is coming.
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