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Kruger expects contract from Blackhawks: report @NHL

Restricted free agent forward Marcus Kruger is not concerned he hasn't signed a contract with the Chicago Blackhawks for this season, according to

"I want to have it done. I think that's for everyone," said Kruger, who spent Tuesday with the Stanley Cup with former Blackhawks defenseman Johnny Oduya in Sweden. "But I don't feel too stressed out about it, yet at least. We have another month until training camp.

"Right now, I just try to focus on getting in the best shape I can be in a month from now. That's all I can do. Then, I think everything else will sort out. I love playing hockey. I know I'm going to do that. We will see what happens, but I'm not too worried about it."

Kruger, 25, scored seven goals and had 10 assists in 81 regular-season games, then had two goals and two assists in 23 Stanley Cup Playoff games. He reportedly is seeking a long-term contract extension with the Blackhawks but may have to settle for a shorter agreement due to the salary cap. Chicago is approximately $400,000 over the 2015-16 salary cap of $71.4 million, according to A team can be 10 percent over the cap ($7.14 million) during the offseason.

Kruger's agent, J.P. Barry, told the Chicago Tribune in an email on July 27 that "we will be patient" while the Blackhawks manage their salary situation. Barry also said if space is not created, Kruger "will have no choice later in August but to do a shorter deal."

"We've discussed a lot of different options there," Kruger told "Whatever happens, it's going to be good for me and them."

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