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Keep your focus on the ice, not complaints

by Paul Kukla
It will all come down to the game played on the ice.  Winning and losing, that should be our focus right now, nothing else matters.

As an experienced hockey fan, at times I grow tired of all the complaining about our game from within our game. Thanks to blogs and comments sections of hockey forums, everyone and his brother finds it easy to complain about anything and everything about our game.

We've had "he said, no, he said" incidents, we've had good goals gone bad, bad goals gone good and everything in-between.

I truly believe if teams play hard and gives it their all, everything evens out when the season is completed. Good teams seem to have calls go their way or find a way to overcome a questionable call, while teams that are considered to be struggling, use these supposedly bad calls as a crutch or an excuse for their poor play.

Sure, at the time of a bad call or a bad break, it may seem your team's season is headed downhill, but my experience tells me good teams find a way to beat those types of calls and continue with their winning ways.

Teams headed in the wrong direction will continue to focus on that one bad break or one bad call and will probably forget about similar instances when a call went their way.

Some of this "woe is me" attitude is fueled by the home team media, blogs, radio stations and at times, the team itself. As a neutral observer in cases like this, it is pretty evident to me, and I am sure to others, the agenda is plain and simple, to keep complaining until the complaint department responds to meet your satisfaction.

My suggestion for the future is go ahead, get it off your chest and then move on quickly, don't continue to carry on with your agenda for more than a day. It will only, and it always does, turn out bad for you in the long run. 

You never know, but somewhere down the line your team may be involved in a play or incident where the outcome is a positive one and you will feel your complaining is what allowed this to happen.  But that is not it, you just happened to be on the right side of a call, just as you were on the wrong side when a previous decision went against you.

There is no good or bad karma in our game, just good and bad teams.  Good teams overcome those bad breaks, calls, decisions or whatever tag you wish to apply while bad teams do just the opposite and at times, it snowballs into one big mess.

As fans, we can be as vocal or as upset as can be when a call goes against your home team, but it does no good. We, at times, carry on like our world is crumbling around us, everyone is against us, we are hated and I could go on and on. But do remember, we may be just one good call away from our season turning around.

It's not too late for that to happen, but we must think the positive thoughts -- good will come, I feel it coming, it is here.  Humm, hum, huh?

Focus on the ice, not off the ice, in the long-term, things will work out for those that work hard.

Feel free  to contact me with any questions, concerns or rants you may have at or follow me on Twitter.

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