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Kane case resolved @NHL
BUFFALO -- Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane pleaded guilty Thursday to a non-criminal charge of disorderly conduct and was ordered to apologize to a Buffalo cab driver over a fare dispute.

Kane, 20, and his cousin, James Kane, 21, were given conditional discharges, meaning they will avoid any penalties if they stay out of trouble for a year and apologize to cabbie Jan Radecki.

"Obviously I want to apologize to my family, the city of Buffalo, my team, the whole Blackhawks organization, obviously all the fans out there, my fans especially, just for being in a regrettable situation," Kane said. "But it's behind me. It's time to move on."

Kane was accompanied to the courthouse by his parents.

In court, defense lawyer Paul Cambria said Kane is a law-abiding person and an outstanding athlete.

"He desires to be a tremendous role model and I believe that he is," Cambria said.

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