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Bieber teaches Fallon how to play hockey, destroys him in shootout

Pop superstar and Maple Leafs fan may be warming up for Binnington challenge

by Dan O'Leary @DanOLeary25 / Staff Writer

Before Justin Bieber gets that much-discussed shootout showdown with St. Louis Blues goalie Jordan Binnington, he is starting at a slightly lower level of competition: Jimmy Fallon.

Bieber, international pop music superstar, and Fallon, the host of NBC's "Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" squared off on the ice in a spot that aired Thursday.

In the video, Bieber, the Toronto Maple Leafs superfan, tries to teach Fallon, a big New York Rangers fan, how to play hockey. Things, as you can imagine, do not go well.

Bieber teaches Fallon to play hockey

While Bieber has been playing since childhood, Fallon appeared to have never handled a puck before and perhaps never skated.

After some brief instruction from Bieber, and more than a few jokes from Fallon the comedian, well, doesn't really show any improvement in his skills out on the ice.

Bieber gives Binnington a preview of his technique with a couple of slick shootout moves that beat the show's volunteer goalie three times.

Fallon, doing all he can to just stay on his feet, does not score any goals. But he does do a nice rendition of "Baby Shark."

The two wrap up the segment riding a Zamboni while Bieber sings "O, Canada."

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