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June 1 off-day quotes: Sidney Crosby

by NHL Public Relations
SIDNEY CROSBY: I'm pretty confident when I go out there that usually when I'm playing well, I'm going to get out there and get opportunities. So it's never been an issue. It's not an issue now. I think it's always easy to analyze things when you lose. And that's one of them. But I don't think it's really a question. I mean, you'd have all four lines rolling. That's how you win games. So that doesn't change.

Q.  You guys have faced adversity before, but you haven't faced elimination yet. What do you sense is the mood of the team heading back to Detroit?
SIDNEY CROSBY: We know what we have to do. We've got to win to stay alive. It's pretty clear and simple. So that's the way we're looking at it. We're going to be desperate here tomorrow night. And all we focus on is winning that game.

Q.  After Games 1 and 2, things didn't go as well as you wanted in those two games. Do you think the nerves will be gone and you'll be able to be a different team in Detroit this time?
SIDNEY CROSBY: Yeah, I think so. We've got to make sure that we play the same way. I thought we did a pretty good job last night. The game could have gone either way. But as long as we play the same way and we're patient and play the way we're supposed to, we give ourselves a chance.

Q.  There were nerves in Games 1 and 2, you admitted. Could there possibly be nerves when the Cup is in the building, and there's all that energy and excitement?
SIDNEY CROSBY: We've got to leave it out there. I don't think there's really anything to be nervous about, besides leaving it all out there and seeing what happens. Like I said, we have to make sure we empty the tank and play desperate and see where that takes us. But I think we learned from Games 1 and 2 ,and realize that we play our game. And we're going to create chances, and we'll give ourselves a better chance to win.

Q.  Has a night's sleep tempered the frustration and discipline from last night to put it behind you?
SIDNEY CROSBY: Just like other games, nobody likes to lose. At the same time, you come here today and you regroup and get ready for the next one. That doesn't change. So everyone talks about being disappointed, but I don't think anyone ever likes to lose, whether it's Game 4 or 1. It's simple. And to make sure that we bounce back.

Q.  Everyone talks about the start, but in the third period it seems where Detroit may have been at the best. They outscored you 6-1, doubled the shots, and more power plays. What can you guys do different in the third?
SIDNEY CROSBY: We've been a good third-period team. I think discipline will be big. Make sure we stir the box, give ourselves some momentum, and make sure we're consistent. In the third period you have to turn it up a notch, and we have to make sure we do that.

Q.  Is confidence an issue or do you guys still believe that every shift you can go toe-to-toe?
SIDNEY CROSBY: Confidence is an issue. We know when we play our game, we'll create things. And we've shown that. So I really believe if we play our game that we've got a great chance to win.

Q.  How frustrating was not being able to convert on the five-on-three?
SIDNEY CROSBY: It's tough. I mean, you get a chance like that, you want to take advantage of it. But that's hockey. I mean, we still had time after that to score late in the game. So I mean, that's part of hockey you want to take advantage of those chances, but sometimes you don't. And you gotta move on.

Q.  Will playing desperate give you the edge you need?
SIDNEY CROSBY: We hope so. I mean, I think we've played hard throughout the series. But when you're facing that point, sometimes it brings out the best in you. So we're going to go out there and leave it all out there and see what happens.

Q.  You were asked about your ice time. Is there anything strategically or tactically you can do different?
I don't think so. If you look at the last couple of games, they haven't really got that much, as far as scoring chances. And we've done a pretty good job of really limiting them. They've got a lot of shots, but especially last game, there wasn't as many quality ones as maybe in the past three games. So we've done a pretty good job of limiting their chances. And we've created our own as well. So it's the nature of playoff hockey. It's tight, and I'm sure if you talk with them, they don't feel like they're free wheeling out there either. It's a tight game, and it came down to one goal last night, and we didn't get it. We'll get that opportunity again hopefully and change it around.

Q.  You've been asked about it ad nauseam, about Gino's [Evgeni Malkin] production, but when anyone in this locker room talks about him and supports him, is that the mind set, the extent of your teammate, you know, the production is there?
Whether it's him or anyone else, it's a tough time of year. It's the time where you have to fight through a lot of things. It's not always easy. And that's just part of the playoffs, and you gotta battle through that. It's a test mentally, too. So he believes in himself. We believe in him. And we've gotten this far as we start together, and that's the way it's going to start.

Q.  Even after the five-on-three, you were down one.  How much did you guys think you were going to get one in there?
You always think that. When you stop thinking that, there's a problem, probably shouldn't be out there. You get an opportunity to put in a goal, you're down one, we have a lot of guys capable with the puck. And we were buzzing around a bit. And it didn't go in. But that happens. And like I said, you move on.

Q.  You were 2-1 back there, but can you talk about the scenario it is right now, having to battle back from 3-1?
The way you look at it, you've got to win one. That's really the way to look at it. You can't look at it as winning the next three. You have to look at it as winning one. And that's our goal to get back here. So really you don't have to really look beyond the next game. And we've been in these scenarios before, I think, at different parts in our careers. And you just have to make sure you dig deep and find a way.
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