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Jason Gray-Stanford - Farewell

by Jason Gray-Stanford /
Blog 4 - Tuesday, May 12

I've given a lot of thought about what I wanted to say on my final Canucks blog. I hate Patrick Kane. But I have to say, what an exciting, exciting game that was, with the worst possible result for me. In summary, Game 6 we got caught in that run-and-gun game and it's tough to keep up with those kids at that point.

We're a defensive team that has some offensive flair, but our depth was run out of town by a couple of really strong lines. Blackhawks' goalie Nikolai Khabibulin played some serious goal. He was good when it really, really counted, and especially in Monday’s game.

I'm on the East Coast doing a whirlwind tour at my girlfriend's cousin's wedding and I have brought hockey fever to all who didn't already have it. I’m in Boston now, I was in Gloucester, and two days before that I was in South Carolina. Last night I found myself on the other side of the country with a bunch of Boston boys rallying around the Canucks game we were watching on TV. Actually I went to Game 5 in Boston to watch the Bruins put a beating on Carolina so it was just as I had rallied around the Bruins.

But to touch on more of the game. Seven to five? That's a big-time score, that's a Chicago kind of game. I think that's what happened. Even when it was tied you had that sense that the last shot wins. It was, and Chicago made no bones about it. Outside of that game they scored in OT, had Vancouver taken that, we'd have walked. Basically the bottom line was they beat us once at our game and we couldn't beat them at theirs. We got caught up and I guess my final word on that is, you have to give them credit, because they just don't know. Ignorance is bliss. Those kids are just playing hockey.

Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Adam Burish... they're really gelling as a team and they're getting great goaltending from Khabibulin. I don’t want to say anything bad about Roberto Luongo, but he was outplayed by Khabibulin when it mattered most. With a team like Chicago, you can't give them anything.

Needless to say - now I'm trying to decide what bandwagon to jump on. The other day at the Boston game, I sat in the 4th row, right at the blue line, watching some good old-fashioned Boston hockey. While watching the Bruins in that game, I really couldn’t figure out how Carolina got a lead in the series.

Pittsburgh/Washington series... good things for the NHL watching those two kids go at it. Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin - I’d hate to see either team make it (Though I am a little more Pittsburgh than Washington right now, since my girlfriend is standing right next to me at the moment).  I guess finally the only team I don't want to see come out of it is Carolina. I want to see a Stanley Cup Final that blows the doors off.

Look at those Red Wings. They just know how to get it done.


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