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It's hot out here in Vegas

by Bob Condor /
LAS VEGAS -- Dave Lozo is live-blogging the Red Carpet show streaming live on and, of course, on our cross-platform colleagues on NHL Network. But Dave, as he ruefully mentioned, is not here in Vegas but instead is parked on his sofa or favorite bean-bag chair. So, let's see, Lozo is propped with beverage and laptop. That means one of the two of us here in Vegas have to venture outside to check up on the red carpet fans. Lozo: cool and collected and steps from the fridge. One of us, in this case, me, outside in 108 degrees, not cool and a bit clammy.

Here's the outdoor report. Fans are braving 108 degrees temperature that no doubt trended crazy-hot higher on the heat index in the mid-day sun. Forty-five minutes before players arrived the gated red carpet line was five deep in some places. Folks were decked out in all sorts of jerseys despite the heat (and Lozo's sofa wise cracks, er, wisdom about donning T-shirts rather than jerseys in 100-plus temps). Top team choices were Bruins (naturally), Red Wings and a good run of Blackhawks (including a vintage Mikita, nice). Latecomers were lined up to buy team and Awards merchandise at a nearby shaded gear booth.

A number of smart fans were positioned by a line of misting machines. Others went with umbrellas, which don't exactly cool as well as misters but reduce the sunburn factor. Of course, no one out there is as cool as Lozo in the bean-bag chair back East.
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