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How loud is Game 7? Decibel Meter will tell you @NHL
VANCOUVER -- The noise started early in this hockey-mad town, horns blaring and people screaming at maximum lung power about five hours before game time.

No decibel readings on the streets, but the Decibel Meter will provide a full noise report during what will no doubt be a roaring Game 7.

Here the supersonic list from warmups to Cup ceremony:

Bruins booed when they enter the ice for warmups
96dB Snowmobile
Cheers as Canucks skate out (arena half-full)
104dB Power mower
Roberto Luongo announced in starting lineup
105dB Power mower
Ryan Kesler announced as a starter
Pre-game 105dB Power mower
30-sec countdown until Canucks appear on screen
Pre-game 117dB Loud rock concert
Canucks appear on the video screen
Pre-game 109dB Power saw
"We Want the Cup! We Want the Cup!" chant
Pre-game 106dB Power saw
End of Canadian national anthem
Pre-game 105dB Power mower
House band's last song before puck-drop
Pre-game 107dB Power saw
Luongo makes first save, calls of "Luuuuuuuuu!"
Early 1st period 100dB Snowmobile
Luongo makes diving stop
Seconds later 104dB Power mower
Henrik Sedin has first solid scoring chance
Moments later 103dB Power mower
Kesler streaks up wing, just misses on wrist shot
Early 1st period 105dB Power mower
Stoppage in play, cheers for scrappy play
Early 1st period 103dB Power mower
Raymond appears on big screen, full spinal brace
Mid-1st period 107dB Power saw
"Raymond! Raymond!" cheers at loudest
Seconds later 112dB Sandblasting
Canucks back out on the ice
Start of 2nd period 101dB Snowmobile
Offensive misses by Canucks
Early 2nd period 104dB Power mower
Henrik Sedin checks Zdeno Chara into boards
Early 2nd period 106dB Power mower
Chara turnover, Burrows chance, Chara saves it
Mid-2nd period 105dB Power mower
House band rock 'n' roll break
Mid-2nd period 108dB Power saw
Puck flurry around Thomas and Bruins net
16:00 of 2nd period 104dB Power mower
Cheers for Chara penalty called at end of flurry
Seconds later 106dB Power saw
Fan cam spans crowd at start of PP
Moments later 107dB Power saw
Crowd cheers at start of power play
Late 3rd period 106dB Power saw
Final minute of play announced, fans wave towels
19:00 of 3rd period 97dB Snowmobile
Go Canucks Go chant while Bruins celebrate
End of game 97dB Snowmobile
Canucks raise sticks to crowd
End of game 106dB Power saw


Level at which sustained exposure may result in hearing loss:      90 - 95dB
Pain begins:     
Loudest recommended exposure WITH hearing protection:      
Loudest sound possible:      

Statistics for the Decibel Comparison Chart were taken from a study by Marshall Chasin , M.Sc., Aud(C), FAAA, Centre for Human Performance & Health, Ontario, Canada.

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