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How loud is Game 4? Decibel Meter will tell you @NHL
BOSTON -- The Bruins jumped back into this 2011 Stanley Cup Final with a rousing 8-1 victory in Game 3. The local fans? Just as roused, notching the loudest goal celebration of the series so far on the Decibel Meter when Brad Marchand scored a beauty while his team was shorthanded. 

The question of Game 4? Can Vancouver goalie Roberto Luongo bounce back from an all-out drubbing? No doubt Boston fans won't let Luongo forget it.

Here's a listen to the noise readings for tonight's game:

Canucks starting lineup announced, crowd boos
101-105dB Motorcycle
Lights go dark to signal time for Bruins starters
108dB Power mower
Bobby Orr highlights on video screen
108dB Power mower
Orr's flying goal to win in OT on video screen
111dB Sandblasting
Honorary captain Orr among fans on screen
112dB Sandblasting
Horn sounds, Tim Thomas leads players out
114dB Loud rock concert
Starters announced for Boston
108-111dB Power saw
Thomas first save on Henrik Sedin
Early 1st period
102dB Motorcycle
Marchand just misses with slick move
Mid-1st period
107dB Power saw
Luongo save: Mix of "Luuuu" and booing
Mid-1st period 102dB Motorcycle
Marc Savard on the big screen during break
Mid-1st period 105dB Power saw
Peverley beats Luongo for game's first goal
11:59 of 1st period 119dB Loud rock concert
Fans taunt: "Lu-onnnngo, Lu-onnnngo!"
Moments later 103dB Motorcycle
Sendoff by fans as Bruins head off ice
End of 1st period 104dB Power saw
Luongo makes tough save, scrum ensues
Early 2nd period 106dB Power saw
Orr's flying goal announced top NHL moment
Early 2nd period 104dB Power saw
Ryder wrists one past Luongo's glove
11:11 of 2nd period 119dB Loud rock concert
Let's Go Bruins chant during four-on-four
Moments later 98dB Snowmobile
Marchand backhander beats Luongo
13:29 of 2nd period 116dB Loud rock concert
Missed chances for Bruins on PP
Early 3rd period 101dB Snowmobile
Ryder recovers to stop breakaway
Early 3rd period 103dB Motorcycle
Collective "YEAH!" as Peverley goal squirts in
3:39 of 3rd period 118dB Loud rock concert
Luongo skates off to the bench, crowd roars
Moments later 110dB Sandblasting
After video review, goal is deemed good
Moments later 112dB Sandblasting
Boston fans chant "We Want the Cup!"
Moments later 101dB Motorcycle
Nathan Horton, Nathan Horton chant Mid-3rd period 102dB Motorcycle
Scrum behind Vancouver net
Late 3rd period
106dB Power saw
Thomas scrap with Burrows
18:09 of 3rd period 108dB Sandblasting
Replay of scrap with Thomas close-up
Seconds later 110dB Sandblasting
Announcement of Thomas slashing call
Moments later 107dB Power saw
Bruins celebrate with Thomas as horn sounds
End of regulation 112dB Sandblasting


Level at which sustained exposure may result in hearing loss:      90 - 95dB
Pain begins:     
Loudest recommended exposure WITH hearing protection:      
Loudest sound possible:      

Statistics for the Decibel Comparison Chart were taken from a study by Marshall Chasin , M.Sc., Aud(C), FAAA, Centre for Human Performance & Health, Ontario, Canada.

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