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Healthy Burish eager for second season with Sharks

by Eric Gilmore /

SAN JOSE -- Forward Adam Burish reported to training camp on Thursday with a healthy right hand and hopes of having a stronger second season with the San Jose Sharks.

Burish broke the hand last May in Game 4 against the Vancouver Canucks, when the Sharks completed a first-round sweep.

"All good. The hand's good," Burish said after his first training camp practice. "I feel great. Nothing to tell you about. It's all good. "I just kind of let it heal. I did a little bit of therapy with the hand. I did some hand therapy stuff. Other than that, I just kind of let it heal and tried to get some grip strength stuff back, but all good."

The odds of Burish returning in the playoffs after breaking his hand were long, but he was back on the ice for Games 6 and 7 in the next round against the Los Angeles Kings.

"Probably a little bit silly, but I guess that's what stupid hockey players do," Burish said. "It's good. I'm glad. I have no issues. It's always nice going into camp feeling 100 percent, feeling good. It's kind of everybody's goal going into camp is to come in feeling the best you can possibly feel because you know in a couple months your body's going to feel like trash again. So, coming in feeling good and kind of go from there. So I feel good."

Burish said he also feels much more comfortable than he did throughout much of last season after leaving the Dallas Stars and signing as a free agent with the Sharks.

"For me it was going through the playoffs with these guys when I felt comfortable," Burish said. "I felt at ease."

Burish had just one goal and two assists last season for the Sharks, but he's known more for being an energizer and irritant than a goal scorer. He said he'd like to produce more, but that his basic role won't change.

"You always want to do more," Burish said. "You always want more, you always want to do more, you always want to contribute more. Same for everybody. From top to bottom, everybody always wants more and to contribute more. I'm no different, but your play dictates that.

"I want to bring more, I want to do more, but as far as my role and doing what I need to do, that's never going to change. I'm always going to play the same way. I'm going to play 100 percent. I'm going to give you every inch of everything I got and let the rest take care of itself."

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