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Have a Happy Hockey Talk Day

by Paul Kukla
Think positive, think heart-warming, think everything good about our game.

Now write about it.

On Monday, Dec. 1, 2008, I unofficially proclaim that day be one of Happy Hockey Talk.

I want to read on that day and hopefully others will agree with me, only good things about the game of hockey. I feel it is time let the sporting world in on our little secret, the game of hockey is good, really good.

Can I pull this off? Only with your help. First off, to all the bloggers and main stream media (MSM) types who are reading this, I ask you post, online, a positive hockey story on Monday.  It doesn't matter if the story is about the NHL, the AHL or four kids playing shinny on a frozen pond.  Just write it and make sure to let me know about it by emailing me at

To those of you who would like to participate, but don't have a blog or a way to publish the story, fear not, just email me your Happy Hockey Talk story and I will find a way for people to read it.

I plan to point to all the hockey stories I receive notice about and also discover on my own next Monday. If all goes well, my blog next Tuesday will be one filled with hundreds of links filled with wonderful hockey stories.

What am I looking for? Basically any type of hockey story, but it has to pass the 'feel good' test.  Perhaps you want to write about the game gone by or about a once in a lifetime encounter with a player. Your options are limitless, so get to work.

Now I turn my attention to the big and not so big boys in the hockey blogging world.  You know who you are and you also know this writer has never asked you to link to any story I have published. But today is different and I am asking you to link to this post to help spread the Happy Hockey Talk word. 

Oh yes, the MSM. Will they participate or will they think this is silly, way below their standards of journalism? I guess we will find out soon enough and I do have my doubts, but on the other hand I think a few will come through and participate in Happy Hockey Talk Day. After all, this would certainly give them the opportunity to write about something other than the team Mats Sundin is going to sign with!

In closing, I anticipate being swamped on Monday and early Tuesday morning, gathering hundreds of stories and pointing out to you all that is good about our game. So start writing and if you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me at

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