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Hargrove resigns as NHLPA Ombudsman @NHL
Buzz Hargrove, who had been serving as interim ombudsman for the NHL Players' Association, announced his resignation Sunday.

"After much reflection I have come to the conclusion that under the current circumstances at the NHLPA that I can not perform the duties of Ombudsman as outlined in the NHLPA constitution," Hargrove said in a media release. "Therefore I am resigning as interim ombudsman effective immediately."

Hargrove notified the NHLPA executive board through e-mail after serving in the position since Feb. 27, 2009. Prior to his service as ombudsman, Hargrove served as a member of the NHLPA advisory board from September 2008 to February 2009.

Hargrove's departure follows the resignation of interim executive director Ian Penny, who quit Oct. 30, and other advisory board members Steve Larmer, Ron Pink, Ian Troop and Ken Baumgartner. Outside counsel Paul Cavalluzzo also resigned.

"In spite of some disagreements on issues with some of the executive board as well as disagreements with some advisory board members and staff, I have worked to try and strengthen the NHLPA," said Hargrove. "I have come to the conclusion that I cannot under the current situation be effective in the role of the ombudsman or assist the leadership in building unity and solidarity that is necessary to move the NHLPA into the future.

"In spite of the fact I will no longer be with the NHLPA, I will cooperate fully with any review approved by the executive board of my conduct during my thirteen months with the NHLPA."

The NHLPA had no comment on Hargrove's resignation.

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