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Getting excited about the upcoming season

by Paul Kukla /
One month from today, NHL training camps officially open. Yes, we can begin to get excited about the return of our game.

I turned to Twitter yesterday to ask NHL fans what they were looking forward to regarding the upcoming NHL season.

I had no expectations when putting out the question and was pleasantly surprised by the response and I'd like to share some of them with you.

The question was: "What are you looking forward to in regards to the upcoming NHL season?"

FightNigtatJoe -- The sound of sticks (when hitting) the puck, fresh ice, Ken (Daniels) and Mick (Redmond), all the small things that make hockey so fantastic.

-- A Buffalo Sabres' Stanley Cup Win

PhilBBG -- Tyler Myers', Jamie Benn's, and Evander Kane's sophomore seasons, Tyler Ennis' proper rookie season, and the death of The Slug.

HackswithHaggs -- It's all about Tyler Seguin in Boston, my friend. There's a palpable level of curious excitement for him in the Hub.

Drewr15 -- The end to the (Ilya) Kovalchuk saga, how the Hawks fare after all the changes, and the last year of Kaberle trade rumors.

Bantourakis -- Seeing how the makeover of the Tampa Bay Lightning will go over. Also, the rise and maybe fall of the Blackhawks?

Baldhedjer -- I'm hoping for grittier play and more fighting. Will they allow it?

Bradghickey -- Healthy season for Bruins. And the rookies.

Baroque97 -- The blare of the goal horn. No other sport announces a score with quite the same emphasis.

Kyleshohara -- How Hall and Seguin perform, Heritage and Winter classics, how the Hawks fare, Teemu Selanne moving up charts, SJS (San Jose Sharks) & WSH (Washington Capitals) choke

BabcocksFlyHair -- Mickey-isms (Detroit TV analyst Mickey Redmond). Datsyukian dekes. Everything.

Reedkaufman -- Seeing how the new-look Hawks are, and the new look SE Hawks (Atlanta Thrashers) are in Georgia. Seeing how the Caps bounce back. Taylor (Hall) & Tyler (Seguin).

CrashtheCrease -- If Ovechkin tones his reckless play down any and if he doesn't will he be injured or will he injure anyone.

Rileyreno -- How salary cap affects teams' ability build lasting legacy, i.e. Hawks.

TravisHeHateMe -- The first Tomas Kaberle turnover. Going to be a riot in the streets of Toronto.

WayneZofHB -- Watching (Anton) Volchenkov in NJ black and red and doing his best Scott Stevens impersonation.

Grantsales -- (Jaroslav) Halak's first season as a bona fide No. 1. Also whether (T.J.) Oshie, (David) Backes and (Patrik) Berglund can bounce back from disappointing seasons.

FroznPondrings -- The manner by which the Canucks will find a way to quash the Cup expectations of their fans after another promising regular season

Waxer13 -- How will Chicago cope with the lineup changes? (Taylor) Hall's impact in Edmonton? (Phil) Kessel's quest for 40? 50?

Shurshik14 -- Really looking forward to seeing how Thrashers and Florida will perform. Also Blackhawks.

Freezethepuck -- How the Devils bounce back from the (Richard) Bloch ruling and if they sign Kovy how the Devils manage him and (Zach) Parise in one locker room.

WhoDis12 -- NHL Heritage Classic between Flames and Canadiens. Outdoor NHL hockey returns to Canada.

Potfblog -- Looking forward to Magnus Paajarvi, Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle getting a shot with the Oilers.

As you can see, the passion of NHL fans remains high, even in the middle of the summer.

I do hope you checked out more tweets from those I pointed out and if you did, you saw a vast array of remarks, comments and thoughts of hockey fans we really do not know -- but in a way we do, because they are just like you and me.

You can also read my replies to most of those who replied to my question by visiting my Twitter ( account, or if you want to submit your answer by e-mail, you can reach me at

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