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Game 5 postgame quotes: Sykora, Gonchar and Kronwall

by NHL Public Relations /
Q.  First of all, I want to say right now on national TV you're a man of your word. You said you were going to score?

PETR SYKORA: You know what I did. It feels pretty good. I did have a very good game going. I had many shots. And I knew I got a great pass from Gino [Evgeni Malkin] up there.

Q.  What did it take to come back in that overtime?

SERGEI GONCHAR: Obviously, the game was still on. I want to help the guys. Start feeling better at the end of the second overtime. They deserve a chance, however it happens. I knew we were going to come back. We had the power play, and we scored.

Q.  Will you be able to play in Game 6?

SERGEI GONCHAR: Yes, I think so.

Q.  You were one of the guys that has a Stanley Cup ring. Did it remind you of anything that happened in Dallas when you were a player?

SERGEI GONCHAR: We have a game-on-game going right now. I think we didn't really look ahead. When we go back, we don't have anything to lose. We can hopefully bring it back to Detroit.

NIKLAS KRONWALL: We had quality scoring chances but we just couldn't get it in.

Q.  Psychologically, what is it like losing in triple overtime?
NIKLAS KRONWALL: Not a lot. -- we have to reload here. Try to eat and drink a lot and get our focus back. No one said it was going to be easy. We won all three previous [series] on the road. So obviously it's disappointing right now, but we're going to be ready to go.

Q.  [Penguins goaltender] Marc-Andre Fleury says he thinks the Penguins sent a message tonight: they're not out of the series.
NIKLAS KRONWALL: No one thought they were out of it, I think. Obviously they battled hard. They played well, and Fleury in particular had a good game. And we just have to do better from the start, I think, and hopefully we can execute a little more on our chances.

Q.  You want to start with your goals early with them, how do you bounce back?
NIKLAS KRONWALL: We need to have a better start. We were a little too nervous out there. We were waiting around, standing around too much. We can't have that happening. We can't start playing the game with 2-0. So we need a better start for sure. We need to execute on chances.

Q.  Do you play better with the lead, 34 seconds left, you're that close but no cigar?
NIKLAS KRONWALL: We knew they weren't going away. They pulled the goalie. And they were able to get a goal off of it. And I still think we played pretty good from there on. And we just have to bring whatever we did good and try to stay confident.
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