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Game 4 postgame quotes: Biron, Briere

by Staff

Q. Danny, you met yesterday with John Stevens, I guess, you and Mike [Richards] both met with him to talk about the line change.  How did that go and what did you think of the results of the change tonight?  Was that a factor in you guys getting on track?

DANIEL BRIERE: I believe so.  I thought, you know, two lines that moved around had a lot of jump.  You know, Richie's line, and Vinny [Prospal]'s line both created a lot of scoring chances.  When we met with him, we    I played the wing before.  I played quite a bit when I was in Phoenix, I played a little bit when I was in Buffalo.  So moving to the wing for me is not something that bothers me.  I was fine with it.  And the way we play, anyway, I mean in today's game, it just seems you're all over the place.  After the faceoff, it's read and react.  A lot of times you can end up anywhere on the ice.

So it's just for the face off.  I didn't have a problem.  When he said to play with Richie, I just felt we had a lot of chemistry on the power play throughout the year, and I thought, wow, maybe that can work five on five.  So I was excited and enthusiastic about the idea.

Q. Marty, seems to me that in the last two series, controlling your rebounds has been a big strength, then tonight grabbing the puck really up high like this.  Has that been a big focus?

MARTIN BIRON:  Yeah, especially against a team like the Penguins.  You don't give them the second opportunity, you know, you can smother their attack and that makes a big difference.  In the first few games, they've gotten rebounds goals, they've got scrums around the net where they were able to bring it back up and organize their attack again.  I think tonight we did a good job of maybe boxing out a little bit more, and seeing a little bit more of the shots.  When you're able to do that, it sticks a little bit better.

Q. You played tonight like you had played in games against Montreal and Washington.  It looked very similar.  Did you feel any different, do anything differently?  Was there anything preparation wise?

MARTIN BIRON:  No, the same.  You know, you get a start to the game like tonight for a goalie where you see a bunch of shots early on.  And then, you know, you give your team a chance to go on the attack afterwards and get a bit of a lead.  It was definitely a big, you know, a big thing for us.  We know they've got offensive power.  We know they can come up and score goals any time in the game.  To have played the way we played in the first period really gave us a chance to kind of, you know, be ready for their two goals in the third period and that gave us a cushion a little bit.

Q. You had a good jump in the first two periods and then it looked like you hit a wall.  Is that what happened?  You got a little gassed in the third period and things started to slip away?

DANIEL BRIERE: Well, I mean, it's you know when you get that three goal lead, it's just I guess human nature.  You kind of sit back.  You don't want to make any mistakes.  You know, it's always tough, you know.  When you have that two- or three-goal lead, sometimes you play a little bit more patient.  That's what made us so successful in the first two periods.  We were always moving, always going.  In the third period we kind of sat back.  I don't know.

It's really easy to say to keep going, but at the same time you don't want to take any useless chances.  Once again, that's what happened to us in the third.

Q. Do you think that you guys moving your feet in the first period constantly drew some penalties on them that you didn't probably do in the first three games?

DANIEL BRIERE:  Definitely.  I think we had more jump.  Also the fact that we wanted to start with the lead.  The last two games, especially, you know, they got some breaks with two power play goals where it hit our defenseman and it goes in.  It's kind of, you know, frustrating always having to play from catch up hockey from behind.  We wanted to find a way to play with the lead, which we did in the first period and kept going.  So that was the plan, and it worked for the first period.

Q. Just a question getting back to the playing with that lead, is it a little bit of a catch-22?  You play one way, you get the three goal lead, and you know if you keep playing that way maybe it's four or five, but at the same time maybe you run a risk of letting a goal in and all of a sudden they're catching up faster, how do you balance that?

DANIEL BRIERE: Well, if you look at the beginning of the third period, we kept going there for the first three or four minutes.  And it was three on twos one way, three on two the other way.  It was kind of run and gun in the beginning of the third period.

I mean, when you're up three to nothing, it's not the way you want to play.  You don't want to give them chances.  You want to try to clog the middle as much as possible.  We didn't do that early on, and I think that's why.  When they got that first goal to make it 3-1, we kind of sat back and that's why it looked like we weren't moving our feet.  But we just didn't want to take, you know, useless chances.

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