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Game 3 postgame quotes: Marian Hossa, Sidney Crosby

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Sidney CrosbyQ. Could you just kind of talk about how early on in that game you knew you were feeling it, and you were going to have a good game?
MARIAN HOSSA: Well, you know, it wasn't just me, but, I mean we knew if he if we could score first, that would be huge for our team, and we could quiet the crowd.  Basically, it's their sixth player, because the people here are unbelievable.  They're really loud.  So we did it, and that was kind of the first step, and after we kept battling.

Q. Marian, I know you need to say you have more to do that kind of thing, but can you take a level of satisfaction from the way you've played over the course of the three rounds?

MARIAN HOSSA: Me, personally, or the team?

Q. No, the whole team.

MARIAN HOSSA: Well, I mean, what can I say?  We are focused.  We're playing as a team.  We know if we play well defensively, which we most of the time are doing it, we know we can be successful, because we obviously know we have the talent to score goals.  If we do a good job defensively, we can create rushes and we can score.  And we help the goalie, and the goalie helps us.  He's really strong for us, Marc Andre [Fleury].

Q. You and Sid now have only been playing together for a couple of months.  Is it starting to    I mean, you're in the Eastern Conference finals, and now it looks like you're really starting to get that click together.

MARIAN HOSSA: I know that it took a little while.  We didn't play end of the year many games because obviously the injuries we had.  We just kept talking and kept working in the practice and, you know, slowly, I think it's getting better every game.  We just have to just talking and talking and just getting better and better.

Q. If you would, could you describe your goal, Marian?  Your first one?

MARIAN HOSSA: Well, it started against, we played well defensively, and Sid grabbed the puck in our zone, and he just threw it to me, and I tried to use my speed.  I make one move on the blue line, and after I saw defenseman, so I just tried to shoot through his legs, and I don't think the goalie saw that puck.

Q. Did you have a feeling early that you had an opportunity to have a great game or to be able to carry the team early in this game?

MARIAN HOSSA: Well, you know, sometimes you've got a kind of feeling, you just feel better than the other day.  I just felt like, you know, my legs were moving pretty good tonight.  I just tried to skate and to take the puck wide when Sid kept feeding me.  And that's my kind of job, you know.  And I tried to backcheck.  I just felt that way, and you know, my teammates did an excellent job, too, helping me.

Q. Sid, Ryan Whitney was saying that this is the best feeling after a win because it was in Philly where you haven't won all year and it was a Game 3.  Do you get that feeling that this is the best feeling that you guys have had after any one of your wins?

SIDNEY CROSBY: I don't know about that.  I think it's rewarding.  I think that's probably what he meant.  You come into a building that's a challenge to play in.  You know, you're facing against some adversity.  And you really have the guys on your bench and your team behind you, that's it.  And, you know, it feels like you're against more than just their team.  So, it's a rewarding feeling to come out of that with a win.

Q. Where does this performance by your team rank among the defensive performances since you've been in the NHL?

SIDNEY CROSBY: Oh, it's up there, for sure.  I mean, especially the first two periods we didn't give them much at all.  I think you have to give Fleury credit, because he didn't see a lot in the first two periods, and when he did see some shots he was solid and sharp.

In the third he came with a little more, and he was more than ready.  A lot of people don't realize how tough that is for a goaltender, especially one who sees more than that typically.  And he was mentally sharp throughout the whole game.

Q. Gretzky in the '80s used to talk about this all the time in the playoffs, about a talented wide open offensive team buying into a strict defensive system in the playoffs and how it took him a little while to do that.  How hard is it for you guys with your offensive talent to buy into this system?

SIDNEY CROSBY: I don't think it's difficult.  We all depend on each other.  And we realize everyone has that responsibility, and we don't want to let the guy next to us down.  We know we're depended on to play that way, and that is the only way you're going to win is if you're working hard in your own zone to get back and do those little things defensively.  So we've seen it work firsthand.

The more that you can play well defensively, the less you're chasing and the better opportunities you get offensively.

Q. Was it nice to see Whitney get the first goal, even though it was a weird bounce, but it's a fortuitous bounce for a guy that maybe deserved it?  He didn't have the best of seasons?

SIDNEY CROSBY: Yeah, I mean, Whitney played great for us.  Doesn't matter who it is.  But especially for him to step up like that you always think of other guys to maybe score goals.  But he's a guy who is offensively gifted.  You work hard and good things happen.  He put a puck on that, got a great bounce, and that's a big goal for us in a difficult place like here.

Q. Even though this is one win from the finals, the fact that you've had 3 0 leads in other series, does that help you make sure you focus on the next one and not look too far ahead?

SIDNEY CROSBY: Yeah, we've always taken it one at a time.  Obviously, you know, it's 3 0, but, you know, that's where it ends.  I mean, we need to make sure that we regroup and, you know, erase everything quickly.  That's what we've been doing throughout the whole playoffs.  You know, we enjoy this one here, then we move on and focus for the next one, and that's what you have to do.

Q. You had a couple of assists tonight, you scored more points in this building than any other road building.  Any particular reason for that?  The atmosphere, they get you up?

SIDNEY CROSBY: I think mentally you're always expecting a little bit more of a challenge, so you might prepare a little bit extra.  You know, I don't feel like I do that any more than usual, but maybe I do just knowing the scenario.  But that's just the way I set it up.  I don't know if it's a coincidence, but I try to prepare the same way.

Q. How do you assess your team's ability in back to back series to go into a Game 3 and win in a building you hadn't won in all season?
SIDNEY CROSBY: Well, it's important just to erase the regular season.  I think talk about having a short memory.  You have to make sure when you come into a building, you focus on your task and what you need to do.  You know, nothing before that.  You don't look at it you focus on what you have to do.  Tonight we just focused on trying to get a win here, and putting ourselves in good position.  It's exactly what we did.

Q. I know you're a lot more to go, but 11-1 in the first 12 games, fourth team in league history to have done this.  Talk about that accomplishment, if it is an accomplishment to be 11-1 after 12 games of playoffs?

SIDNEY CROSBY: Yeah, I don't know if we look at it as an accomplishment.  We're being consistent right now.  We have a great attitude, but that's I guess the reward you get for making sure that you take each game seriously and that you're consistent.  But I don't think we feel like we've achieved anything.  We're happy with the attitude and the way we're working.

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