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Game 2 Postgame quotes: Sidney Crosby

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Q.  Sid, Coach Therrien just said:  It's really tough to generate offense with that team. They're good at obstruction. It's going to be real tough. If the rules don't change, they're just good at obstruction. Can you comment on that?

SIDNEY CROSBY: Yeah, I think they do a good job of definitely clogging up the neutral zone and holding up. Sometimes they get sticks or they clutch a bit. But that's just, as players, you have to battle through that sometimes and hope they get the calls.

Q.  Is it just a matter right now that you know what you have to do, but this team is so good that you just can't do it? If that's the case, do you have to change your game plan?

SIDNEY CROSBY: We just have to execute. I mean, they got a few chances. Did they really get that many scoring chances on us? I don't think they did. They got a few and put them in. And we hit a post and pucks go through us by the net that we don't put in. That's the difference, to be honest. They're not getting that many scoring chances more than us. We're not executing.

We get odd-man rushes, very few, but when we get them, we have to capitalize on them. But by no means are they outchancing us by a whole lot. It's just the nature of the game. It's tight in the neutral zone. It's like that for both teams.

I mean, if they're skating down every time, getting odd-man rushes and tons of chances, I'd be worried. But it's the nature of the game, and they're capitalizing and we're not.

Q.  Coach Therrien also said that Osgood was diving, he's really good at diving, drawing penalties. He hurt our power play. We get a power play. I saw you exchanging words with Ozzie after that you got dumped in and you had a chat.

SIDNEY CROSBY: That one was pretty obvious. I would say he went down pretty easily there. And I mean, he's trying to draw a penalty. But I think everyone has to be held accountable if that's a forward and they go down. A ref is calling a penalty if it's obvious. Why not call the same for a goaltender?

And I don't think he's a guy who purposely stays out of the way from that kind of stuff. We have seen them against Dallas. He's not afraid to get in there and stir things up. I thought on that play, and maybe a couple, he didn't necessarily try his best to avoid the situation. So that's playoff hockey, though. You gotta expect those kind of things. And sometimes the calls are going to go your way. Sometimes they're not.

Q.  Do you find it difficult in the environment here in terms of creating emotion within the game? They play a very methodical, clinical game. Sometimes playoff games help when there's a lot of emotion on the ice. Maybe there was some at the end. But is that difficult to play within that context?

SIDNEY CROSBY: No, I think as far as we're concerned, I think we're a lot better when we're able to skate and move the puck.

But sometimes we do get lulled into just standing around a bit. And they play well positionally. And I think I said this before, but when we're not at our best, I think we're just kind of playing a chess match with them. And you know it's a game of mistakes, then. If we don't capitalize and they do, then we're in trouble.

When we're in the mode of attacking and getting pucks in and finishing our hits, like tonight, I thought we did a better job of that. And just came down to execution.

Q.  From what you see in the first two games, can you play the way you've been playing and have some success with better execution, or do you need to maybe tweak the plan and get the "D" involved more, try to figure out some way to outnumber them and risk the back end a little bit?

SIDNEY CROSBY: I think we just gotta keep moving our feet. I thought we did a great job tonight of finishing our hits and putting a little more pressure on them. So I think both teams realize there's not going to be a ton of scoring chances. Unless both teams really open it up and go back and forth, it's not going to be that kind of game. It's going to be very few chances, and it's going to come down to who takes advantage of those chances. And special teams is going to be big as we go on here, too. I mean, I think we've got to do a better job of staying out of the box and give ourselves more of a chance.

Q.  Ryan Malone on your line, talked to him after the game. He was kind of kicking himself. A few penalties. Missed a pass in the beginning. In your estimation, how did his night go on your line?

SIDNEY CROSBY: He's a big guy. He's going to create space no matter what. He takes a lot of pride in getting shots from the slot and getting pucks on net. Maybe he didn't get as many as he wanted to. I think we're all guilty of that. We want to make sure we generate more. And we all expect more of each other. So I don't think we're too worried, obviously. We just want to create more, and that's natural for anyone who has pride in their game.

Q.  Sykora mentioned the importance of getting the forecheck going. Was that sort of what you were alluding to when you talked about execution, did you try it more and try to bang their guys and was it just not happening?

SIDNEY CROSBY: As far as execution, it's more just getting shots through when we get odd?man rushes. Probably two or three three-on-twos. We didn't capitalize on them. We missed a pass or hit a skate. We had a few chances for some open shots and they blocked them.

So we've just got to find ways to make sure that we avoid that and we capitalize on our opportunities. That's basically it. We have a skilled group. And every guy can make plays. So we'll just have to really bear down and make sure on those chances we make them pay.

Q.  When the chances don't go in, sometimes you end up pressing, do you feel you guys are pressing at all maybe trying to do too many things to try to get a goal?

SIDNEY CROSBY: I don't think so. We believe in what's got us here. I don't think we're going to change a whole lot. Besides getting more pucks in the net, I think that's always the key no matter who you play, but especially against this team, you want to get their defensemen turning, get some traffic. But I thought, like I said tonight, we did a better job of that.

Around the net they do a pretty good job picking up sticks. Sometimes they're grabbing your stick, things like that. You've just got to battle through it and find ways to get your stick on the puck. But I think that we did a lot better job here tonight at trying to create things like that.
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