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Gaming World Championships

Eetu Keinänen Gaming World Championship bio

Kaneyh8 a Blackhawks fan from Finland @NHLdotcom

Throughout the 2018 NHL World Gaming Championships, will feature player bios for fans to learn more about the competitors



Twitter Handle: Kanecto

Instagram: eetukeinanen

Twitch: Kaneyh8

YouTube: Eetu Keinänen

Name: Eetu Keinänen

Age: 23

Hometown: Lahti, Finland



What is your favorite NHL video game ever and why? 

NHL13&14 because they were the first NHL's that I really enjoyed playing the whole year.

Who was your childhood hockey idol and why? 

Pavel Datsuyk, because he really has a unique style of playing the game

What is your most memorable hockey moment and why? 

Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup in 2015 and because Blackhawks were so dominant. And it also brings good memories after this season :D

My gamertag is Kaneyh because ...

everything related to 'Kane' was taken so I just put yh at the end :D



My favorite team/player is: Chicago Blackhawks and Patrick Kane

The first hockey video game I ever played was: Maybe NHL99

If I could play EA SPORTS™ NHL® 18 vs. one real-life player, I'd pick: Patrick Kane

My go-to breakaway move in EA SPORTS™ NHL® 18 is: One handed

My favorite team to play with in EA SPORTS™ NHL® 18 is: Winnipeg Jets

My favorite non-NHL video game is: Call of Duty and especially Modern Warfare 2

One thing people don't usually know about me is: I am a football fan

My favorite gamer or person to watch on Twitch is: Nickmercs

The emoji I use the most is:The laughing one :D



1. Nice goal

2. A little tip-in

3. One-handed

4. Passing proficiency

5. Impressive skating


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