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Early Intermission: CBJ @ SJS - 17:18 of 2nd Period

Power outage at SAP Center caused insufficient lighting @NHL

Lights go out in San Jose

CBJ@SJS: 2nd period cut short due to light outage

With just under three minutes left in the 2nd period the lights in SAP Center go out, causing the referees to cut the period short in San Jose

  • 01:39 •

At 17:18 of the second period in the Blue Jackets/Sharks game, a power outage occurred at SAP Center causing insufficient lighting. On-ice officials decided to proceed directly to the second intermission under Rule 77.3, which states "If any unusual delay occurs within five (5) minutes of the end of the first or second periods, the Referee may order the next regular intermission to be taken immediately. The balance of the period will be completed on the resumption of play with the teams defending the same goals after which the teams will change ends and resume play of the ensuing period without delay." Therefore the remaining 2:42 of the second period will be played following the intermission, prior to the start of the third period. 

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