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E-mails from users straight to Marty @NHLdotcom
We asked hockey fans to send their congratulations to Martin Brodeur after he set the wins record for goalies at 552. And did the fans ever send. Here is a sampling of the more than 2,500 e-mails has received. Feel free to send you own congratulations to

Congratulations to the classiest goalie to play the game!
I am some glad you passed the guy with his Cup rings in his ears!
Regards, Rob, Saint John, NB

Congrats on 552!!!!!!!!   My brother wants to be a goalie and he looks up to you so much!!!!  You should have seen him when you won yesterday!!!!
J. Munro, Canada

You are the Babe Ruth and Tom Seaver of the Devils. Without you, none of the Devils success would have been possible. Someday there should be a Brodeur Gallery at the Rock. Congratulations on an outstanding career and achievement
Stan Lubowicki, Brooklyn, NY

I just want to say congratulations on your victory and becoming the best goalie to ever lace them up. I live in Toronto Canada, and am a Leafs fan, but not when you’re in town. I try to take the family to one game a year when the Leafs play the Devils. The kids really enjoy seeing the greatest goalie live in action since I brag about you all the time. Way to go Marty, never doubted you for minute to break Roy's record. Stay healthy and keep the victories coming.

One of your biggest fans
Al, Toronto, ON

Congratulations Marty!  I am an Ducks fan but what you have accomplished is simply amazing.  You are the man, a true hockey fans goalie.  Here's to 552 and many, many more.
Joseph, Anaheim, CA

From the first Devils game I attended as a kid in 1992, I've been hooked to the team.  Watching you throughout your entire career has been incredible.  I've seen you win 3 Stanley Cups, 4 Vezinas, and the respect of the entire league.  But being at the game last night, and watching it all unfold before my eyes, was a spectacle I will never forget.  I say to you from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you've done for this organization and the state of New Jersey.  You have brought a class and style to the game all your own, and I look forward to the day when you are enshrined in Toronto.  Thank you, Marty, for everything, and you deserve all the accolades you receive.
Councilman Anthony Sytko, Esq.

Three tickets to the game = $190.00
Food & Beverages = $85.00
Parking = $25.00
Being there for #552 = PRICELESS!
Thank you Mr. Brodeur for everything you have brought to NJ, the NHL, and loyal hockey fans across the globe! You are a true inspiration!
The Stab Family

mr.brodeur, you are without a doubt one of the greatest goaltenders 
ever, I am a big time rangers fan, but still have all the respect in 
the world for you. congratulations.
Nick Cesare

I'm a huge Red Wings fan, however I have followed your career ever since I got into Hockey, very exciting to see you break Roy's record and rightly claim your spot at the top. Can't wait to see you break Sawchuck's shutout record, best of luck the rest of your career, and if Detroit can't win the cup, then I wish you and your team the best of luck. Enjoy your net. :)
Eric in Colorado

Congratulations on a fantastic accomplishement. I'm a Penguins fan but ou have always been one of my favorite plyers both because of your play and your comportment on and off the ice. It couldn't happend to a greater player or better gentlemean. I love the way you reppresent the game.
Chalrs Price,  Keller, TX

Hey Martin!
Holy moley -- you are now the goalie with the most wins ever!  I caught the live footage when you tied Roy's record in Montreal and then breaking it yesterday in New Jersey...very impressive to see history in the making, and may I add you did an excellent job cutting that net with the scissors.  Congratulations again, you've come a long way and it's always a pleasure to watch you play!!
P.S.  Hey don't break my heart...can you not play against my Bruins on Sunday?!?! (tee hee)
Helen Tom-Hackett, Toronto, ON

Hello Marty,
I’m emailing you from down under in Aus. I’ve always been a fan of yours and Roy, now Carey Price as well, and I knew from years back you would set the records. If it weren’t for the injury, I’ve had you pegged at 700 or more. I used to be a goalie, not nearly as good, but I loved it, and only wish I could have been as talented as yourself.
I’m a huge Canadiens fan, born in Toronto, so it really sucked wanting you to win against them, but couldn’t have been sweeter, being their 100th season.
Sucks being so far from Hockey, but maybe I can make hockey something here being Canadian lol.
Congrats on the record from down under, and I still think you can pull off 700 wins.
Your fan from Australia,
Stefan Radovic

My absolute congrats Mr. Brodeur...I have been a big fan of your for a long time now...if anyone deserves it its you!! Keep up the fantastic work (just not against the Red Wings) ;)
Ryan Kenward, Detroit, MI

Congratulations from a west coast hockey fan.

You truly are the Gretzky of goalies
Tim Morelock, E-4 USN/RET.

Hi, Marty!!
You are now the GREATEST GOALIE EVER. That have been my opinion since you beat the Detroit Red Wings in the Stanley Cup finals 1995.
Keep up the good work and now we are looking forward to the win number 600 in the 2009-2010 season.
Fredrik from Torup in Sweden.

Just wanted to say that you're amazing dude.  I'm a Pens fan and there's been no other goalie to fear as a fan than you. Without you, the Pens may have won more division titles ;)   You're the best!
Erik Stewart

Congratulations Martin! You've made New Jersey Proud!
Marcie VanDemark

My name is Brad and I have been a hockey fan my entire life.  I am still a kid and I followed the Devils alot.  You are the best goaltender I have ever seen play.  Thanks for all the moments.
Your pal, Brad Callahan

Hey Marty,
My name is Rafael from Brazil. I want to send congrats to you, this is a really special day for you and your carrer and for NJD Organization. I think it´s just matter of time for you to beat the Shutout Record, only tree to go bud you CAN DO IT !!!


Rafael de Barros, Brazil

What a great time to be a hockey fan.  It is amazing what you have done in your career and I hope to see you for many more seasons to come.  Players like you make the game so much better.  Congratulations!!!
Tony (Wild, NHL, Brodeur fan)

Dear Martin,

Congratulations for your record. You can truly claim to be the World's best Goalie of all time. An inspiration to all sportsmen all over the world.

We wish you all the best.
Bob and the guys from the "Quest for the fantasy Cup"-hockey-fantasy league in Germany

Martin Brodeur is a class act in every aspect, on and off the ice. He is indeed #1 without a doubt and last night he proved it once and for all.

Brodeur is a role model of the highest caliber for children and adults alike.  All the best to you and your family and I will always look forward to watching you play.
Elke Vormfelde-Combs, Hermitage, TN

Hi Marty,
I play hockey in-line in Palermo (south of Italy) and I support you and the devils since i've been in New York last year and I went to prudential center to watch islanders @ devils (unluckly a 3-1 loss). So now i'm very happy, you became the winningest goaltender in history of NHL.
Good luck for the play off.
Andrea Disimone, Italy

Hey Marty.
Congratulations!have fun with team!

I’m goalie too.
I’m 15 years old goalie in Latvia and I can make to NHL and I hope to do it.
My all time favorite team is NJD.
I think you’re awesome man!

Enjoy rest of season and good luck winning the cup!
Davis Znatnajs, Latvia

Congrats Martin 552 wins is a lot of wins. I watched when you won 552.  I'm a goalie also but not as flexible as you but still good those I have a whole book about you MARTIN BRODEUR BEYOND THE CREASE and am doing a report on you and we won state. You’re my role model.
8 yr old BENJAMIN J. WELLER, Weston WI

Congratulations are more than the order of the day, after playing hockey for years up to the Intermediate "AAA" ranks you know what kind of rubber is being shot your way...your abilities are phenomenal, unbelievable and truly remarkable. Congratulations for every one of those 552 wins and many more to look forward to...
Kerry Ishida, An old Fan and hockey hound.

You are they very best. It is really a gift to be watching the best goal tender of all time. Thank you for all that you've done for hockey and for the New Jersey Devils. You are legend.
Alex Mikoulianitch

Hey Marty,
This is Chris out in Hawaii.  I grew up in New Jersey and have been a Devils fan since I can remember.  I just got done listening to you record breaking win on the website.  I wish I could have been there for the historic night in not only hockey history, but also New Jersey history. Congratulations!  Good luck in the playoffs!  Hopefully I'll get to catch a game at the Rock soon enough!
Thanks, Chris

Great job on the 552 I must admit being from Ottawa & growing up a Sens fan I wasn't a big fan of you during the playoffs or the reg season. Reason being is that you always found a way to stop all of the "easy goals" where the nets wide open & it's a sure shot. There you would go from post to post to come up with the most spectacular save out of nowhere. Anyways short & sweet, you are the reason why kids like my son want to grow up to be goalies. Again great job on the #552 & better yet great job on inspiring the kids of younger generations into chasing after your records.
You’re an inspiration thanks
Jason Brown, Ottawa, ON

Cheers mate!

The time is now 2.40 AM in Sweden and I just saw you cut the net off from the goal. I've been a devils fan since I was a little kid, people always used to ask me why I cheered for a team with almost no sweds, and the answer was simple: "Martin Brodeur".  I can only say congrats and thanks for being such an inspiration for anybody around the world. Keep it up, let's take Stanley to his home in New Jersey!
Riku Tenhunen

Congrats Marty,
I am in Australia (Perth, Western Australia) and am an avid Red Wings fan, but can admire greatness when I see it. You are a great champion and congratulations on such an achievement.
Paul Phillips

Very few attain the status of being #1 at what they do, but even fewer are able to do it as gracefully as you. Your stats don't lie; unquestionably, they make you the #1 goalie of all time, but it's your heart, your passion, and your modesty that make you that much more deserving to stand as #1. You are an inspiration to us all, on and off the ice.
Way to go Marty!
Chris Delorme, Ottawa, ON

Dear Marty -
You're my favorite goalie of all time!!! I'm so happy you are #1, even though you were always number #1 with me! Even my dog loves you because we named him "Brody" after you!! We hope you keep winning all the way to the Stanley Cup!!
Your fan!           
PS. I play hockey too, but I'm not a goalie...
Sean Wosleger - Age 8,  Middletown, NJ
Congratulations Mr. Broduer, although I have never been a fan of the Devils it is nigh on impossible not to be a fan of excellence and as such I have always been a fan of you. You are without a doubt the greatest goalie of all time. Enjoy your triumph and the many triumphs to come.
Sean Cadden, Edmonton Alberta

Congrats. Marty..even though you beat my are and always have been a great well as a class act

Dear Marty,
Congratulations for your great win!  I'm a big fan. 
Your #1 Fan,
Lindsay Adele Levine
West Orange, NJ

Congrats Marty on yer victory...hopefully u get lots more in the future.
From Dave, Robyn, Kyra and Jonathan in Calgary

I'm actually a Sharks fan but you still deserve congratulations. 552 wins is a lot and truly is quite a feat. AWESOME JOB MARTY
Mak from California

What a way to set the bar for future generations to come with such a  great accomplishment!!

Congrats and hope to see you in the Canadian Jersey for 2010....
Sean DonohueTeam ManagerStream Global Services

YOU ARE UNBELIEVABLE! I Have been watching you since I was 8 yrs old  and always knew you were a star! You deserve everything you have  accomplished and soo much more! You have become a star on & off the  ice and an idol to all ... you showed everyone never to give up & you  will accomplish all your dreams! You have done that & you will  accomplish soo much more! I am proud to call myself a Devils fan &  know you are part of the Great state of NJ! LETS GO MARTY!!!!
~Stacey Frisc

Felicitations Martin, tu le merite. :)
Matthieu Bourque

Dear Marty,
Congratulations on this amazing record and stunning recovery this season all the way from lil’ ol’ New Zealand.
Good luck in the playoffs.
Warren Sutherland

Toutes mes félicitations Martin !Tout le Québec est fier de toi, et tu le mérites amplement !Je te souhaite de jouer jusqu'à 45 ! ;-)

Congratulations on the record from a Penguins fan! You definitely have my respect!
Ali, Pennsylvania

Hey Marty: This is Chris out in Hawaii. I grew up in New Jersey and have been a Devils fan since I can remember.  I just got done listening to you record breaking win on the Web site.  I wish I could have been there for the historic night in not only hockey history, but also New Jersey history. Congratulations! Good luck in the playoffs!  Hopefully I'll get to catch a game at the Rock soon enough!
Thanks, Chris

Congratulations Marty on your record-setting win! As a Canucks fan and a goaltender myself I am a huge Luongo fan but can't help but acknowledge your greatness! You're a true competitor and I wish I could know how you do it! Night in and night out, no shot seems to faze you and you make every save seem so calm and easy. You are a true role model to young and upcoming goaltenders! Congrats again Marty!! See you in Vancouver next year in a different red and white sweater!
Derek Smith
Maple Ridge BC

From 3,000 miles away, you made me a hockey fan! Thank you, Marty.
Mara H.
Portland, Ore.

Wow! Did you have a game on St.Patrick's Day! It was a very exciting game for the fans. When Jamie and Travis scored in less than 14 minutes I thought this was going to be the day that you would set the new record!To beat Patrick Roy! Thank you for keeping me interested in hockey!Love,Alexandra P.S. I'm 9 and have been to almost every Devils home game since I was 4...

Congratulations Mr. Brodeur. I lived in Jersey until i was 17 and signed up for the Marine Corps. Right now I'm stationed with Victor 2/7 at 29 Palms California, and I'm deploying to Afghanistan in September.. I just wanted to say your a continuing inspiration to me and i do all i can to follow the devils season out here on the East coast. I'm spreading the good word of Brodeur worldwide. Congrats again. OORAH!
Lcpl. Matthew J. Miller
Victor 2/7
Golf Company

As a Canadian born, living in the U.S., it is really a treat to get 3 hockey teams to watch in this area. Having a goalie like you over all these years as part of the action, truly has been a pleasure. The Devils have been the model of consistency, and your record is a true testament to why. As a Ranger fan, I have had the enjoyment of hating the Devils, but as a hockey fan, I can honestly think of no better goalie deserving of being on top. You have not only achieved greatness in the NHL, but I will never forget Salt Lake City, and what you did for our home country. Congratulations Mr. Brodeur, and I look forward to seeing #600 in the not so distant future, just do it against the Islanders instead of the boys in blue.
Chris Gibson

I've been counting this down for over 5 years now and I can't believe it's finally here. 
Since I'm not in a hockey city, I have to travel to catch your games.  I've seen you play in Tampa, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Washington, Carolina, on the Island, at MSG and of course in NJ.
Last year, as soon as the playoff schedule came out, I booked a plane and hotel...found tickets and was on my way.

When you won on Saturday in Montreal, I started to do the same; however I couldn't make it happen because tonight was also my sons first T-Ball game.  He won too.
I don't know why I picked a goalie to follow...I never even tried to be a goalie, but in 1992, I did.
You are amazing and I congratulate you. 
Thank you, Michael GrantJacksonville, FL 

Hi Marty! I had hard moments in the last 4 months. I was missing you! The injury for you was hard but i knew that you will come back better than ever before! It's such a great feeling to see you playing for the New Jersey Devils!  And now you got the 552!! It's just incredible!  Im fan of you, since I can walk. And you are my big idol in sports and all over. You connected cleverness with talent and you're a fantastic and great person! I wish i could ever talk with you.  I really hope that i will come to New Jersey and watch you in the net of the Devils one day. I'm from Switzerland and it's not easy, but i always watching the games over the internet. Ant it's everytime great.  I wish you all the best for the future and for the rest of the season! I hope the Devils will go for the Stanley Cup 2009! And i know you got the team and after your comeback, it will be possible! All the best and congratulations for your 552 career wishes too for your family and friends! You deserve all good words and moments! Thank you for every happy moment in my life! Best greetings from the biggest Marty Brodeur fan in Switzerland.
Berne,David Gilgen

Congrats Marty!! Coming to see you play in Boston on Sunday! My first NHL game! Big fan for a long time, I was fan of the week #14 on your site. To see you play around this significant time in history will be an honor! Let's get another cup this year!!!\
Troy Nova Scotia

You're a great goalie, and I don't care what team you play for.  You  did something so remarkable tonight, that not many goalies will ever  be able to do again.  Keep winning, and keep playing.Maybe one day you can play for the boys in Orange....
----Dave (Illuminated Flyer)

As a diehard Redwings fan I never had any love lost for the Devils.  But through it all, even in 1995 when you hammered us, you were class all the way.   Congrats and I hope you win 600 plus – just not against the Wings!

Hello Marty
Many greetings from a Danish goalie with your win # 552 J SUPER!
Carsten Fobian Hansen

Hey Marty,As shocking as this may seem, I am a Rangers fan. I want to congratulate you on a wonderful career so far. I am only 17 and I play hockey and love the sport. I am a goaltender and hopefully i can be a goalie of you caliber. Growing up i watched your style of play and learned a lot from you. Once again congrats on 552 wins.

Dear Martin Brodeur, I am a long-time New Jersey resident and Devils fan who now lives in the Philippines, where I get great NHL coverage (thank you I still love the Devils and am in awe of your contributions to the franchise and the NHL in general. I was born in June 1972, roughly one month after you were born. To think of how much you have accomplished by the age of 36 humbles me just a bit. Keep at it Marty and bring another Cup home to New Jersey for us!!!
Kevin Donahue (formerly of Randolph New Jersey, USA and now living in Manila, Philippines)

Congratulations Mr. Brodeur! We may live in California, but my whole family knows of your accomplishment tonight.I'm a New Jersey native, now teaching at Stanford, but I just can't bring myself to root for the Sharks. I've been a Devil's fan since the mid-80s, and catch up on your team long-distance all the time. The whole organization is such a class act --- and you have such an exciting team this year! Wow!If you would ever like to take your family to see some central New Jersey history, let me know, there is a British cannonball still stuck in the wall of a building at Crosswicks Creek, NJ  and a working gristmill at Walnford, NJ, near Allentown, NJ where my folks still live.Or if you would ever like to tour Stanford University, it would be my honor.I won't go on, but congratulations Marty!!

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