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E-mails continue to pour in

by Paul Kukla
I am now receiving close to 1,000 e-mails on a weekly basis from hockey fans worldwide. The topics of the e-mails are numerous, but today I will try to answer a few that seem to be most prevalent.

Mr. Kukla, where can I find salary-cap numbers for teams and salaries for individual players?

Whenever I have salary questions, both on teams and individuals, I go to You will find almost anything salary-related there, including when a player will reach UFA status.

It is a great Web site and is kept current too with daily input and changes.

Paul, why do some fan bases tend to chant negative things about opposing teams rather than cheer for their home team?

Being a Detroit Red Wings fan, I have heard those types of chants in numerous NHL cities. The only answer I can give is maybe the fans doing those negative chants know deep down their home team is not as good as the opposition and are in a way jealous of the success the visiting team has had. Juvenile? Yes. Will it ever end? Probably not.

Why don't some NHL players just retire instead of trying to keep on playing when it is very easy to see they have lost their game?

Retire while still getting paid? In most cases it won't happen. Even though a player may have lost a step, doesn't have his scoring touch, or is not as quick on the ice as he once was, that player can still contribute to a team in a different way.

Locker room experience is key, so is a calming presence for the team and I am sure there are other attributes these older players may have that the average hockey fan doesn't see or think of.

When watching a game on Center Ice, sometimes my home team feed is not available and I have to watch and listen to play-by-play guys who are clearly rooting for their team. Why must they make it so clear that they are homers?

Both TV and radio crews are paid by the team/carrier and I have no problem with their slanted talk for their team. Yes, some do take it a bit too far, but you do have an option, turn the sound down and just watch the game. Even better, find the radio broadcast for your home team and listen to that while watching the game with the volume off.

What team will win the Stanley Cup this season?

Ha, let's wait until the playoffs start before picking a favorite for the Cup.

I look at the Stanley Cup Playoffs as a new season, or as I refer to it, the 2nd Season. So many factors can determine a long run. Goaltending is first, injuries are second and other factors to consider are fatigue, the will to win at all costs and playing only one game at a time, meaning don't look ahead and quickly forgetting the last game.

Hey Kukla, my wife tells me I am a hockey fanatic and has threatened leaving me, what should I do?

Answer this question and you should have your answer. What do you love more, your wife or the game?

I want to be like you, how do I get a job like you have?

First off, I am just a hockey fan (not a journalist) and probably more like you than you think. I started a hockey blog, updated it numerous times a day (and continue to do so to this day) and was "discovered" by

Luck? Yes. Did I expect this gig when I started blogging? No.

Don't get into this profession unless you love what you are doing. If you don't, you will quickly lose interest and your readers will notice it. Also make sure you focus on a certain topic within the hockey world and stick with it. Last but not least, don't give up. It takes a good two years to establish yourself and to gain regular followers.

A bunch of Detroit Red Wings fans asked me to write to you to help promote Wings goaltender Jimmy Howard for the Calder Trophy. Can you help?

Yep. I have now promoted Jimmy Howard for the Calder Trophy.

Your e-mails are always welcomed and you can reach me at Also, follow me on Twitter  or for the latest news in the hockey world, visit Kukla's Korner.
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