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New to Tampa, Girardi's 7-year-old son just wants to meet Stamkos

Lightning defenseman's kid had one thing on his mind when he got news they were moving @NHL

Landon Girardi got super excited for one specific reason when his dad told him he was signing with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

"Oh great," Dan Girardi recalled his 7-year-old son telling him when he met reporters on Monday. "I can finally meet Steven Stamkos."

Girardi, who signed a two-year, $6 million contract with Tampa Bay on July 1, was happy to make that happen for his son but was feeling a bit left out.

"Well that's really nice," the former New York Rangers defenseman responded. "What about me; getting my jersey?"

"No," Landon said. "I want [Stamkos'] autograph."

When Stamkos reached out to Girardi later that day via text message to welcome the 33-year-old to the team, he closed by saying "let me know if you need anything."

"You've got to meet my son as soon as we get to Tampa," Girardi responded to Stamkos. "He said that was no problem."

Video: Dan Girardi on joining the Tampa Bay Lightning

Girardi recalled the interaction with Landon during his first press conference at Amalie Arena on Monday. Neither Landon nor his 3-year-old daughter Shaye have made it to Tampa yet, but they're excited to be there for other reasons too.

"We FaceTimed from our house [Sunday] and showed them the water and the pool," Girardi said, "and they're like 'thank you so much for getting this house for us.' I'm like 'well, we've got to live somewhere.'"

A house with a pool and meeting Stamkos? Sounds like Landon was the winner of this deal.

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