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Daly: NHL may seek new arena lease for Coyotes @NHL
Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said Tuesday the NHL is considering trying to negotiate a better lease agreement between the Phoenix Coyotes and the city of Glendale to make the team more attractive to potential buyers.

"It's one possibility of moving toward resolution whereas now all of the potential purchasers have this big elephant in the room," Daly said. "What's the lease going to look like?"

The NHL, which recently paid $140 million to buy the Coyotes out of bankruptcy, would like to sell the franchise and believes a renegotiated lease for Arena could help facilitate the process.

"It may be one way to move the process forward by going in and doing our own deal, understanding what's there and then we have something to sell," Daly said. "And either people want to buy it on those terms or they don't. It could make it easier I'm not suggesting it's the only way to go about it."

While the League has maintained it wants to keep the team in Phoenix, it has acknowledged that it might need to be moved if a local buyer can't be found.

Material from wire services was used in this report

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