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Keller meets, gifts stick to young fan who had souvenir taken

Coyotes forward makes Caid Giles' eighth birthday extra special

by Pat Pickens @Pat_Pickens / Staff Writer

Caid Giles was disappointed after missing out on a Clayton Keller stick, but the Arizona Coyotes forward delivered something even better.

Keller invited the 8-year-old Coyotes fan to their game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, then met with him and gave him a stick Sunday.

Tweet from @ArizonaCoyotes: ���When I heard that the stick I gave Caid after the Flyers game was taken away from him I felt really bad for him, so I asked our PR staff to reach out.��� - @ClaytonKeller37 And just like that, a new friendship was formed. ������

Keller tried to give Giles a stick when he was named the No. 1 star after Arizona's 6-2 win on Jan. 4, but another fan picked it off before the kid could take it. Keller caught wind of what happened and made it right.

"When I heard that the stick I gave Caid was taken away from him I felt really bad for him," Keller told the Coyotes website. "I asked our [public relations] staff to reach out to his mom and invite them to the Penguins game. Apparently he was really upset, and I wanted him to have a positive experience."

Giles and his family sat next to the glass for Arizona's 4-3 shootout loss to Pittsburgh, then met with him after the game. Keller gave Giles a stick, which the boy slept with Sunday night according to Arizona's website.

Jacqueline had bought the tickets for Caid's birthday, and the encounter with Keller has made it one he won't forget.

"Caid says it was the best day of his life," Giles' mom Jacqueline told the Coyotes website. "He is now a fan for life. Clayton Keller was awesome, and Caid is so appreciative and excited. This completely made his birthday, and he will never forget it."

Main photo courtesy: Jacqueline Walker

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