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Coach's Challenge: NYI @ DET - 17:34 of Third Period

Original call stands, good goal Islanders @NHL

Situation Room: NYI vs. DET

Situation Room: Chimera's goal confirmed on review

The Red Wings challenge that the Islanders were offside prior to Jason Chimera's goal, but after review, the goal is confirmed

  • 01:07 •

At 17:34 of the third period in the Islanders/Red Wings game, Detroit requested a coach's challenge to review whether New York was offside prior to Jason Chimera's goal.  

After reviewing all available replays and consulting with the Linesman, NHL Hockey Operations staff confirmed that that the Islanders entered the attacking zone legally prior to the goal. The decision was made in accordance with rule 83.2, which states, in part: "When a defending player propels the puck out of his defending zone and the puck clearly rebounds off a defending player in the neutral zone back into the defending zone, all attacking players are eligible to play the puck."

Therefore the original call stands - good goal New York Islanders.

Since the Coach's Challenge did not result in the original call being overturned, the Detroit Red Wings forfeit their time-out.

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