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Coach's Challenge: BUF @ DAL - 0:42 of Third Period

Original call stands, good goal Dallas @NHL

Situation Room: BUF vs. DAL

Situation Room: Benn's goal stands after challenge

Jordie Benn scores a power-play goal and the Sabres challenge that the Stars were offside and after review, the goal stands

  • 03:15 •

At 0:42 of the second period in the Sabres/Stars game, Buffalo requested a Coach's Challenge to review whether Dallas was off-side prior to Jamie Benn's goal.

Review was not conclusive in determining whether Dallas was off-side prior to the goal. According to Rule 78.7, "If a review is not conclusive and/or there is any doubt whatsoever as to whether the call on the ice was correct, the On-Ice Official(s) will be instructed to confirm their original call." 

Therefore the original call stands - good goal Dallas Stars.

Since the Coach's Challenge did not result in the original call being overturned, the Buffalo Sabres forfeit their time-out.

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