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Chillin' with ... Johnny Oduya

by Adam Schwartz /

What's on your iPod now?"Nowadays everybody has a lot of songs on their iPod, but I don't have that many songs. I try to mix it up, though. The most that I have on there is '90's hip hop, a little bit of '80's stuff and some dance music from Europe."

What are your favorite websites?"My homepage is a Swedish news Web site because that is my Swedish update. I also like YouTube because you can find anything on there."

Who would play you in a movie about your life?"Denzel Washington would be cool, but I doubt they would make a movie about me."

Favorite TV show?"I'm not a big TV guy. I like movies and HBO, but I don't like TV shows that much."

What Hollywood starlette would you go out with?"I would date Jessica Biel."

Favorite sports team of all time?"I was always a fan of AIK and Djurgardens hockey and soccer teams, which are Swedish teams. The funny part is growing up I played for both teams so I was a fan of both."

Describe your hometown of Stockholm, Sweden:"I go back there in the summers and it's colder than New Jersey, but summertime is great in Stockholm. It's always a special time to go home."

What do you think of the opportunity of playing for Sweden in the next Olympics?"It's tough and there's a lot of good players trying for spots. Any time you get a chance to play for your national team it's a great honor and it's tough to try to play that well. The Olympics are the biggest international event except for maybe the World Cup, but it's a little bit less than a year away so I have to keep playing well. You have to have a good year next year to make the team. I think that some guys will drop off and other guys will stand out and have a better year next year. Even to be in the discussion is awesome. I guess we'll see, but it would be unbelievable."
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