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Canucks' trip by the numbers

by Derek Jory /
Are we there yet?

Vancouver coach Alain Vigneault won’t have to put up with any whining during his team's 14-game, 13-city, 42-day road trip. But it won’t be all sunshine and lollipops.

To help put the expedition in context, here's a look at the raw numbers of the longest road trip in NHL history:

11 – Road games for the Calgary Flames during 1988 Winter Olympics.

14 – Consecutive road games for the Canucks during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

8 – Games (in 18 days) prior to the 2010 Games.

6 – Games (in nine days) after the Olympics.

13 – Non game-days during the trip (not including Olympic break).

42 – Percent of overall travel taking place over the final nine days.

15 – Total flights.

49,315 – Estimated number of commercial flights around the world per day.

3 – Time zones visited (9 East, 3 Central, 2 Mountain).

300 – Sticks en route with the Canucks.

3 – Sets of back-to-back games (two in the second half of the trip).

13 – North American cities the Canucks will visit (Columbus twice).

42 – Days away from General Motors Place.

8 – Games: the previous Canucks record for longest road trip (Feb. 21-March 5, 1975).

11 – Previous NHL record for most games on a road trip (Calgary in '88, Philadelphia in '05-'06).

28 – Points up for grabs during this trip.

10-11-1 – Vancouver's pre-trip road record.

20,737 – Total miles to be traveled (11,608 first half, 9,129 second half).

12,885 – Total miles to be traveled (7,213 first half, 5,672 second half).

5,000 – Approximate length of Canada from West to East, in kilometers (3,107 miles).
40,075 – Approximate length of Earth's equator, in kilometers.

160 – Kilometers driven during trip (Montreal to Ottawa; about 100 miles).
3,343 – Longest single stretch, in kilometers (Vancouver to Toronto; about 2,075 miles).

160 – Shortest single stretch, in kilometers (Montreal to Ottawa).

4,147 – Hours it would take the average person to walk Vancouver's road trip.

1,574,803 – Number of Oreos it would take to map out the trip (cookies placed one after the other).

26,958 – Amount, in Canadian dollars, to take a taxi from start to finish of trip (not including tip).

30:37:00 – Total flight time (16:35:00 first half, 13:42:00 second half).

3.5 – Number of times the Canucks could watch "War and Peace" as an in-flight movie (it has the 12th-longest run time of any movie ever).

1,975 – Number of times the Canucks could watch YouTube video hit Charlie Bit my Finger as in-flight entertainment (that really hurt Char-lay and it's still hurtin').

505,175 – Number of words the average player could read while in the air.

4.3 – Number of times a player could read the first Twilight book to pass the time.

0 – Number that will read Twilight.

26 – Relieved Canucks upon returning home on March 10.

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