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Canucks share memories of 14-game road trip

by Derek Jory
It was long and it was arduous.

Hours, days and weeks blended together; games melted into one another, goals, saves and fights became a way of life.

The Vancouver Canucks' NHL-record 14-game road trip had a bit of everything --  mountainous highs and flat-lining lows.

The Canucks made the best of most situations and rallied around each other to come back from six third-period deficits. A .500 record was the goal, an 8-5-1 record was the result -- making this a road trip worthy of a closer look.

Here's what the Canucks will remember as the best of the best from the longest road trip ever.


Rick Rypien -- "I think Colorado (6-4 on March 9), that was a good one just because we were down and we're battling right now as it is and we're two teams that don't like each other really so I like the way we won that one for sure. Guys were pretty happy after that one, but at the same time we realized that we can't keep putting ourselves in a situation to have to come back like that. "


Aaron Rome -- "For sure in Colorado. Down 3-0 and we make it 3-1 and then they make it 4-1 the next shift. To come back from that was a pretty good feeling, it kind of pushed us over the top and made the road trip a lot better than if we had lost.

"During the game we knew we just had to settle down and we knew that we could come back because we'd done it before. Afterwards it was just a great feeling, whenever you come back from three goals and squeak it out right at the end, it's a great feeling."


Alex Burrows -- "The (Sedin) twins had a nice one in Toronto, but that was so long ago now, there's got to be a nicer one than that. (Mikael) Samuelsson and the twins had a few nice ones in Colorado. … I'd have to say in Columbus, Mason Raymond backdoor to Kyle Wellwood, that was a nice pass; we'll go with that one."

Tanner Glass -- "I think you've got to go with Jannik (Hansen)'s in Colorado. It was a big win for us, that was to fend them off for first place in the division and it was just a huge goal from a guy who hasn't been playing much so it was nice to see him get some success. We were all over him afterwards; he's got three game-winners now this year and he's maybe second or third on the team, so it's pretty special."


Ryan Kesler -- "Detroit. Hometown. Home crowd."

Tanner Glass -- "Chicago. I've got some buddies from school there so it was nice to see them and Chicago is a great town. We had some time to do a little shopping, walk up and down Michigan Ave, so it was nice.

"Then the atmosphere at the game was incredible. Those people cheering during the anthem really gets you going. We would have liked to come out better in that one, but it was definitely a playoff atmosphere in that building."

Alex Burrows -- "Chicago, because we stay right downtown there, there's Michigan Ave., where we did a lot of shopping and the weather was nice and there's just lots of people around. We got a few fans coming at us at the hotel and around the restaurants, but normally I try to put a hat and hoodie on and I mind my own business."


Rick Rypien -- "Throughout the whole trip there were a lot of places where quite a few fans were with us. Early on at the start it was Toronto and Montreal, then in the second half here I'd say Nashville was great and Phoenix had some going there, even in Colorado there were a few. There weren't too many in Chicago, that's for sure."

Ryan Kesler -- "Phoenix. I thought we were at home there."

Tanner Glass --
"Phoenix is incredible. We would score and it felt like we were at a home game, it was awesome. Lots of kids asking for autographs standing outside in the sun there, it's nice, people get down there for a vacation and they take in a Canucks game."


Darcy Hordichuk -- "I'm fortunate enough to be a pretty good sleeper, but in Colorado it was the best. You open the windows and get some of that fresh air and you get a view of the mountains and it's just such peaceful scenery. That's a city anyone can have a good night's sleep in."


Alex Burrows -- "I'd have to go with 'Hurt Locker,' it was probably the best one I saw, and the worst was the 'Invention of Lying,' that's a really terrible movie. 'Hurt Locker' was pretty entertaining, there are some really nice shots, and I don't know which other movies were up for the Academy Award for Best Picture, except 'Avatar,' but 'Hurt Locker' was pretty good."
Rick Rypien -- "A lot of guys were watching 'Law Abiding Citizen' on the last part of the trip here. That just came out and I they had it on the plane a couple of times and I really liked that one, it's a good movie."


Darcy Hordichuk -- "The meals you get for free are always good. On the road there we played a little credit-card game, the last guy with their credit card pulled out has to pay. We had a couple real good meals that tasted especially good after winning."


Alex Burrows -- "How I dominated the poker table. It was unreal, I was on fire, I schooled the guys with a lot of bluffs."

Tanner Glass -- "It was long, there was a lot of plane rides, a lot of busing and a lot of wake-up calls. That's probably going to be my biggest memory actually, waking up to Hordi's chanting every morning, that will stick with me for a while, as much as I'd like to get rid of it. I don't even know what he is chanting, I don't think it's in English, he just wakes up and opens the blinds and lets the sunlight come in and then he yells something in Yiddish or something. That's my memory."

Ryan Kesler -- "Probably just the warm reception I got in Detroit. The center-ice ceremony they had for us was pretty special for me, being a hometown guy there."

Aaron Rome -- "The comeback win in Colorado, that will be the best memory for me."

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