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Canadian teams to be honored with stamps @NHL

The seven Canadian NHL teams are being honored by Canada Post with a series of commemorative postage stamps featuring iconic jerseys from throughout the history of each franchise.

Each team's current jersey and a jersey from its history will be included.

"Almost every Canadian has a memory that relates to hockey and those memories are part of who we are as a country," said Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport and responsible for Canada Post. "These stamps commemorate the joy that Canadian fans experience when they wear their favorite team's jerseys."

"When hockey was first featured on a Canadian stamp in 1956, the focus was on the jersey and the word 'Canada' emblazoned across the chest," said Deepak Chopra, president and CEO of Canada Post. "With the issue of these Canadian NHL team stamps, we turned once again to the love fans demonstrate by wearing their team's colors not only at home games, but at all times. Team jerseys have become an incredible rallying point."

The Montreal Canadiens' stamp features a current jersey plus one from 1946; the Ottawa Senators stamp features the current jersey as well as a fan in stands wearing the team's original jersey from its return to the NHL in 1992; for the Toronto Maple Leafs stamp, the current jersey is featured along with a fan wearing a jersey from 1967, Canada's centennial year; the Winnipeg Jets stamp features the team's home and road jerseys; on the Edmonton Oilers stamp is a player wearing the current jersey as well as a fan in the stands wearing one from 1979, the year the team joined the NHL; the Calgary Flames stamp features a player wearing the current jersey while a fan models one from 1980; and the Vancouver Canucks stamp has the team's current jersey worn by a player, and a fan wearing a jersey from 1997.

The stamps are available for purchase at all Canada Post retail outlets and online at

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