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Bus loads of Quebec hockey fans storm Long Island @NHL

UNIONDALE, N.Y. (AP) - The New York Islanders have no plans to relocate to Quebec, or anywhere else, at this point. But if the team decides to pack up, fans of the former Nordiques would gladly welcome them north of the border.

Bus loads carrying about 1,100 hockey enthusiasts - who call themselves Nordiques Nation - trekked to Long Island to see the Islanders play the Atlanta Thrashers on Saturday night. They want to prove to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman that Quebec deserves a new team.

The decision for Nordiques Nation to attend the game was calculated. The Thrashers and Islanders are 28th and 29th in attendance. Only the Phoenix Coyotes are worse, with an attendance of 10,189 per game.

The Nordiques left to become the Colorado Avalanche before the 1995-96 season.

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