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Vladimir Tarasenko hijacks unmanned TSN camera

Blues forward captured teammates' pregame activities, dancing @NHL

Tarasenko takes over TSN camera

Tarasenko takes control of TSN camera during pregame

Vladimir Tarasenko took control of an unmanned TSN camera and recorded some of his teammates goofing around prior to their game with the Sens

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Consider it a lesson learned. You leave Vladimir Tarasenko in a room with an unmanned camera and mischief will ensue.

The St. Louis Blues forward was getting ready for his game against the Ottawa Senators on Tuesday with his teammates when he spotted a TSN camera without an operator.

Tarasenko jumped into action, panning around the scene in the hallway at Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa.

At his teammates' urging, he quickly stepped away from the machinery before anyone noticed, but not before viewers were treated to some of defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk's sweet dance moves.

Tarasenko went on to score two goals as the Blues beat the Senators 6-0, so maybe he's stumbled on a new pregame ritual.

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