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Blackhawks assistant Kompon back-to-back champ

by Tal Pinchevsky

BOSTON -- After the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup in 2012, they managed to retain their entire roster and much of their coaching staff for this season. One of their only defections was assistant coach Jamie Kompon, who left the Kings to join the Chicago Blackhawks.

A year later, Kompon is the only person who can claim the distinction of being a two-time defending Stanley Cup champion. The Blackhawks defeated the Boston Bruins 3-2 Monday in Game 6 to wrap up the Final.

"We had a great team effort from the onset, working back with Joel [Quenneville] and [assistant coach Mike Kitchen]. 'Getting the band back together' as we called it," Kompon told "It was instant chemistry. That chemistry carried on with the team. They responded unbelievably. Their resilience and attitude, it was phenomenal."

"Getting the band back together" was a reference to the reunion Kompon enjoyed with Quenneville and Kitchen, whom he worked alongside for seven seasons with the St. Louis Blues. To say the staff found chemistry would be an understatement; they led Chicago to a historic 21-0-3 start.

Kompon's worlds collided when Chicago met his former team in the Western Conference Final. Given the opportunity to divulge the secrets he had learned in six seasons as an assistant in Los Angeles, Kompon didn't hold back.

"It was tough emotionally being there and seeing the [Kings]," Kompon said. "But knowing that they were standing in the way of where we wanted to go, the ultimate goal. Whatever information I could help with and whatever I could divulge, I divulged. I spilled my guts to make sure we did everything we could to win."

Spilling state secrets proved to be a successful move for Kompon, who enjoyed a Cup run in 2013 very different from the one he had with Los Angeles. The 2011-12 Kings coasted to the Stanley Cup last season, never trailing in any series and enjoying a 3-0 lead in every round. Chicago's run was rife with adversity, including a 3-1 series deficit against the Detroit Red Wings in the Western Conference Semifinals.

Now Kompon stands alone as a back-to-back champion, and he said he has no plans of moving on to another coaching staff.

"Joel made the run a couple of times before and has been successful," Kompon said. "I brought some ideas along with his. It really molded really well."

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