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Blackhawks and Chicago, like peas and carrots @NHL

CHICAGO (AP) -Chicago's quest for its first Stanley Cup championship since 1961 has created a buzz normally reserved for the Bears or maybe the Bulls in the Michael Jordan era.

Small wonder: After a run of futility that turned the once-proud franchise into the most obscure sports team in town, the Blackhawks are back in the hearts of the blue-collar, lunch-bucket crowd that loves a gritty hero.

Across the city, people are wearing Blackhawks hats and jerseys to work. A dinosaur outside the Field Museum is even sporting a jersey, and the lions outside the Art Institute have Blackhawk helmets.

People can be heard talking about the Blackhawks and not just the codgers. A Facebook group called Duncan Keith's Missing Teeth had more than 3,500 fans this week.

Game 1 against the Philadelphia Flyers is Saturday in Chicago.

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