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Bill Burr - The New Game Plan

by Bill Burr /
Blog 5 - Saturday, May 9

It’s all good.  I know a lot of you might be a little shocked right now, but I’m telling you, you can relax.  Don't even worry about it.

The Bruins have a ground breaking new game plan.  When you look at it, it seems crazy, but after further analysis: IT’S GENIUS.
The game plan is simple: Give the puck up in your own end, and then stand around, until the other team puts it in the net.

Sounds crazy right?  Of course it does.  That’s all part of the plan.  Mark my words: what the Bruins are doing in this series will some day be looked back on as a historical moment in the history of the NHL. For they are currently implementing a system that will change the game of hockey, forever.

You see, anybody can come into a series and just beat down the other team.  The B’s proved they could do that in the first round.  But the problem is, when you beat down the other team, you get all these annoying days off and you almost die form the boredom.

So rather than ending up in that situation again, what the B’s are now doing is simply building up the other team’s confidence.  Still confused?

OK, this is how it works: You let the Canes jump out to a seemingly insurmountable three games to one lead.  Get them all giddy and excited that they are about to move on to the next round. 

And just as they start to look lovingly into one another’s eyes, as they watch Eric Staal celebrate yet another goal, floating across the ice with his arms outstretched like he’s skating to a Celine Dion song, YOU BRING THE HAMMER DOWN!

Just like that.  You turn the switch back on and you start playing like you’ve played all year long.  Tape to tape passes, clogging up the neutral zone, odd man rushes, you BRING THE HAMMER DOWN!

And then simply win the next three games in a row.  NO BIGGIE.  You win the series in seven games; you leave the Canes fans crying into their overalls, and best of all, you don’t have to deal with all those annoying days off. Brilliant!

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