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Bill Burr - One More!

by Bill Burr /
Blog 3 - Wednesday, April 22

Canadiens fans have long stated that Bruins fans have 'no class.'  We might be guilty as charged, but honestly, how do you top booing another country's National Anthem in the 'no class' department?  I really hope Boston fans don't stoop to the Hab fans' level and return the favor. Actually the way the B's are playing, I don't think their fans are going to have the opportunity.
I would never boo the Canadian National Anthem.  It's disrespectful and 'Oh Canada' happens to be a great song!  But I don’t want to get on my high horse here.  Who am I to say what is and isn’t appropriate? 
So let them boo it again tomorrow night!  Who cares?  They're just mad cause we're ruining their 100 year extravaganza!!!!!!!!!!!!  Did you know it's their 100th year in the League?  Personally, I almost forgot but then I was reminded 17 times during the first three minutes of the second period.  Evidently it’s a REALLY big deal.
BTW, I'm not even writing this blog for Bruin fans.  I'm just trying to annoy as many Canadiens fans as humanly possible.  (Bonjour, mon amis!!!!!!!!!!  How do you say: “What's it like to be down 3-0 to the BOSTON BRUINS en Francais?)
How great was it to watch the Blue Blanc et Lose fans slowly trudge out of the Molson Center?  You know what was great about it?  It's was guilt free.
There are very few things that I can watch suffer in this world and not feel one ounce of pity. It's a very short list.
1) Telemarketers
2) Eric Mangini
3) The studio audience of the Ellen DeGeneres show
4) Canadiens fans
I'm just kidding...sort of.
Alright, I'm going to stop being childish and actually talk about the game.
Last night's victory was one of the Bruins best games of the year.  They refused to panic during possible momentum changing moments. They kept playing their game, and once again came out on top. They actually made me feel foolish for worrying about not having Lucic in the line up. They played incredible.
If I could pick one moment that has thus far summed up this entire series, it would be Chuck Kobasew out hustling Christopher Higgins for a loose puck at the end of last night's game. To watch that play you would have thought that the Bruins were in danger of going down three games to none. Not the other way around.
Kobasew got to the puck first and then fought off Higgins and iced the game with the empty netter.
I'm traveling on Wednesday and I'm going to miss part of the game.  If they win, and celebrate in the Canadiens house, I think it will be a 100 year birthday that neither side will soon forget.  One more to go!  LET'S GO BRUINS!!!!!!

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