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Bettman: No big cap changes expected for 2010-11

by Dave Lozo /
CHICAGO -- Commissioner Gary Bettman said during a press conference at United Center that he doesn't expect the NHL salary cap to change all that much next season.

The upper limit entering the 2009-10 season was $56.8 million, which was $100,000 more than the previous season. While Bettman wouldn't give an exact figure Monday night, he said he doesn't expect the number for 2010-11 to be that much different.

"I think we're going to be flat or maybe up a tad," Bettman said. "Our revenues, and again it is premature, we're either going to be flat or up or down a little bit. We have to factor in the Canadian dollar. Last year, in local currency, we were up 5 percent. But because the Canadian dollar went down by about 12 or 13 cents, that kind of sheltered the growth.

"This year, I think local revenues are going to be flat, or up or down a little bit, and the Canadian dollar's up. I always see these projections that we're going to be down 20 percent because of the economy -- not true. We'll probably be up a little bit or flat. I don't think it will be down."

The salary cap was $39 million when it was implemented for the 2005-06 season. In 2006-07, the salary cap was $44 million. In 2007-08, it was $50.3 million.

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