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Bettman comments on Avery situation at luncheon @NHL
EDMONTON, Alberta (AP) -  NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman discussed Sean Avery's recent comments and the Dallas Stars' reaction on Tuesday before a luncheon crowd in this NHL town.

Avery was only 23 games into a $15.5 million, four-year deal with Dallas when Bettman suspended the player for Dec. 2 remarks about the personal lives of other hockey players.
He was eligible to return from his six-game ban Sunday, but the Stars instead announced Avery will not rejoin the team -- ever.

Bettman said Avery's remark offended him as a parent.

"To be perfectly honest I wouldn't want to have to explain to my 12-year-old daughter what he said," the commissioner said.

Bettman said he hasn't spoken to the Stars but added that they've handled the situation professionally; the team has continued to pay Avery's salary while it explores other options.

When he was suspended, Avery told the Stars he needed help dealing with anger issues. Co-general manager Brett Hull said Sunday that Avery was in a 10-day, voluntary program that could be extended if counselors determine he needs a longer stay.
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