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Scrivens to auction pads for charity

Sale of pads worn by Montreal Canadiens goaltender and his wife to benefit women's hockey @NHL

Montreal Canadiens goaltender Ben Scrivens has posted a pair of game-worn goalie pads on eBay for charity.

The set, which he wore during the 2014-15 season when he played for the Edmonton Oilers, is one-of-a-kind.

Ben's wife, Jenny, wore the same pads during the NWHL preseason with the Brooklyn-based New York Riveters, making it the only set to be used in both leagues.

Tweet from @JenScrivs: Only set of pads worn in both the NHL and NWHL? $ to NWHL Foundation:

All proceeds from the sale will go to the NWHL Foundation to help grow women's hockey.

In 2014, Ben and the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation partnered with the Schizophrenia Society of Alberta to help raise awareness for mental illness as part of his program, Ben's Netminders. Jenny used to work for Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton before signing with the Riveters in August 2015. She works for the NWHL's public relations office as well as playing.

The auction ends 7:15 p.m. ET Friday.


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