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Another week, another mailbag

by Phil Coffey /

Things are chaotic here at Ice Age Central. The NHL offices here in New York City are moving, and we’re surrounded by orange packing crates. But we persevere!


Hey Phil,

Glad to see Ice Age and the mail bag back!

How incredible has Jason Spezza been? Assisting on half of Ottawa’s goals through seven games? It’s rather interesting though: Ottawa has come out of the gate strong, but their power play is in the bottom third of the league. Do you think they’ll be able to sustain their success despite having one of the weaker --statistically any way -- PP units? Last season’s Hurricanes come to mind; where they barely missed the playoffs due to the lack of a decent power play doing some significant damage. Then again, that team didn’t quite get the start out of the gate that Ottawa has.

-- Matt, Raleigh

Hey Matt. The Sens certainly haven’t hurt themselves building a nice cushion in the standing while the power play has struggled. These guys look like they haven’t missed a beat from last season, and look like men on a mission to wipe out the bad taste of the Stanley Cup Final loss.

You’re right that Spezza has been spectacular, but how about Martin Gerber? During the summer just about everyone figured he would have a new address by now. But he has stepped up in a big way. Creates an interesting dilemma for coach John Paddock when Ray Emery gets back on the beam.


Hey Phil, hope all is well.

With the recent announcement of Ron Francis assuming the role of assistant general manager in Carolina, I got curious as to what the other Hall of Fame inductees are up to. I know Mark Messier was quoted as having interest in being the GM for the Ranger at some point post-Sather. Has he moved into a front office role yet? Al MacInnis is a vice president of sorts, with the Blues, correct? What about Stevens? Haven’t heard a peep from him, hopefully he won’t be as reclusive as Sandy Koufax!

Dwight S., Scranton, PA

Hi, Dwight. Mark Messier hasn’t joined a team in an official capacity just yet. He is preparing for the Nov. 12 Hall of Fame induction and enjoying life with his family.

That’s pretty much the case with Scott Stevens, too. He is listed as a “consulting coach” with the Devils, but his primary focus these days is spending time with his family and watching his kids athletic endeavors.


Hello Mr. Coffey,

I was extremely pleased to see NHL Center Ice is finally available ONLINE. I will be ordering my subscription today. Could you please pass on my thanks to the "powers that be" for seeing the light. It's about time, and here's to looking forward to a new NHL season I can actually partake in.

God bless!

-- Jason Bobbitt, Leicester UK

Hey Jason. I think you’ll enjoy it. The ability to watch four games at once is pretty cool.


Hi Phil,

Do you know why the Center Ice Online Package is not available in Europa and in Germany?

-- Matthias of Eidengesäß/Germany

Hi Matthias. The package was just released in England. I don’t have any specific info on its release. When I get them I will pass them along.


I think Montreal is doing fine even after the loss last night against the 'Canes. This is what I have a problem with. I could not get to see the Canadiens' game last night on TV. Why? That's what I would like to know. I was born in 1952 so I was indoctrinated in the "La Soiree du Hockey" every Saturday night though CBOFT – better-known as the French CBC station. Now I hear that there is a new kid on the block, RDS, that has bought out the Montreal games. Toronto is able to get their games on CBC (which I spend all Saturday nights cheering for the team that Toronto is playing that night – and believe me, that is not the way I enjoy my hockey, hoping that Toronto loses).

Now I live on a small island in B.C., and from where I live, I cannot get Digital Cable nor can I get a satellite reception because of these beautiful mountains that surround me.

What's a poor Habs fan suppose to do?

Give me back my Montreal Canadiens Saturday night game on TV PLEASE and I promise that I'll eat my Brussels sprouts and I'll be nice to my sister.

-- Pierre

You know Pierre, there are days I would trade everything to live on a small island surrounded by mountains. But let me help you solve your dilemma. Since you e-mailed me, I have to assume you have Internet access, so why not try the Center Ice Online package?

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