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A different world

by Marty Turco /
Veteran NHL goalie Marty Turco is lending his expert opinion to in the form of his own blog. Turco Talk will be updated daily with Marty's thoughts on the Stanley Cup Final between the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins. Marty can also be seen daily on the NHL Network giving analysis on NHL On the Fly at the Stanley Cup Final.

Today, Marty talks about his experience in his new role in the analyst's chair.

When you're one of 60 goalies to play in the NHL, your confidence is high to say the least. So, of course you're thinking I've been interviewed maybe a couple of thousand times in my life, so I can definitely step in front of the camera. It's not like it's be my first time on TV. I'll be awesome at this.

Man was I lost on the first day.

I had a producer talking to me in one ear and a director talking to me in the same ear. All the while I have to pay attention to what my co-analyst and host is telling me, looking at cameras, etc. I was right out of my element. It was tough. I always appreciated how good people were at this and I knew I would have a better appreciation just seeing how it's done, but I didn't know it'd be as extensive as it is.

I think these guys are simply amazing how they tie in everything and make the whole show go round. It has been an eye-opening experience, and fun, too. It's similar to playing hockey because the best part of playing hockey is the guys, and in this case I've been working with true pros.

In full disclosure, I had my first real big screw up the other day, and thank goodness we weren't live. My ear piece popped out and my producer said, 'Here we go, we're going to show it again.' He was talking about a clip that happened in Game 1, but i thought he was talking about doing the whole segment over again so I stopped dead in my tracks, put my microphone down, turned my head away. All of a sudden he's like, 'Dude, what are you doing, what are you doing?' I'm like, 'What, what, what?' He just shook his head and told me, 'It's too late now, you already screwed it up.' So, we really did have to do the whole thing over, kind of like I originally thought we were going to do.

So, I hadn't experienced anything like that before. No one really cares because it happens, but when you do it for the first time you feel bad and you apologize to everybody. But, hey, it's been good and it's nice to be the rookie again.

People have been asking me if I think I have a future in this -- I guess the jury is out. You all have to tell me. What I can say is that my stake in it has grown. The travel is extensive and the hours can be quite harsh, but if I do end up doing this full time one day do, I'd be proud to say that I've never had a real job yet. This is some good stuff.
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