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2015 Molson Canadian NHL Face-Off Prohibited Items @NHL

2015 Molson Canadian NHL Face-Off screening guidelines/guidance are listed below.

In order to increase the efficiency of the screening process, fans should keep the following in mind before they arrive at the venue entrance:

- Minimize the number of personal items you bring to the venue.

- Remove from your clothing and belongings all items that may trigger a hand wand's alarm.

- Hold those items in your hand or, as a better option, place them in a gallon-size clear bag.

In most cases, security screeners will have plastic bins into which those items can be placed while fans are being screened by security using hand wands.

- If the an alarm sounds, you will be subject to a secondary screening, which may slow your entry into the venue.

The NHL bag policy has not changed: ALL PERMITTED BAGS MUST BE THOROUGHLY SEARCHED. (Some venues may provide separate screening lanes for patrons without bags.)

As a general rule, permitted bags should be soft-sided, not larger than 12x6x12 inches and should be able to fully fit beneath your arena seat. Bags that are fully packed take longer to search; clear bags, packed loosely, are more-easily examined. Please be aware that prohibited items (see below) will not be permitted into the arena

Prohibited Items (listed but not limited to):

- Weapons – guns - firearms - ammunition

- Self Defense Sprays – mace

- Explosives

- Fuels – torches – lighter fluid

- Knives – brass knuckles – billy clubs – black jacks – kubatons

- Martial Arts Weapons – night sticks – nunchucks – stun guns/tasers

- Tools

- Razor Type Blades – box cutters – razor blades – scissors

- Alcohol

- Animals (unless a service animal)

- Bottles or cans

- Sealed packages of any kind

- Aerosol cans or noisemaking devices

- Drones (UAS-Unmanned Aircraft Systems) or other model aircraft

- Laser pointing devices

- Selfie Sticks or telescopic devices

- Hazardous Items – chemicals – paints – thinners

- Any other items deemed inappropriate or dangerous by NHL or arena personnel, in their sole discretion

Venue security continues to be a top priority for the NHL. Creating a safe environment for our fans, players and employees has been at the forefront of League security planning.

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