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12-acre corn maze honors Thomas and Bruins

by Dan Rosen /
Sherman Farm in East Conway, N.H., has found the corniest of ways to celebrate the Boston Bruins' Stanley Cup championship.

Days after the Bruins won the Cup in June, Kathy Sherman and her daughter, Michele Dutton, sped into a process to change the design for their annual corn maze to honor New England's championship squad.

With the help of The Maize, a Utah-based company that specializes in designing cornfield mazes, Sherman Farm now proudly displays 12 acres of Tim Thomas etched in real corn. It will be open for public viewings on weekends starting Sept. 17.

"How can you live in New England and not be a big Bruins fan?" Dutton asked

The design is based off of a picture Brett Herbst, owner of The Maize, saw of Thomas raising the Stanley Cup. The Bruins' logo is not present in the design because there was no time to go through the proper channels that would allow Sherman Farm to use it.

Thomas is wearing his No. 30.

"Without the coordination of The Maize company pulling this design off in such a short period of time, we wouldn't be able to do it," Sherman, whose family has owned the farm since 1964, told "We credit them to be able to change our design. They did it four days before they came to cut it out."

It's taken even less time for their Cup-themed design to go viral.

Dutton said their fall brochures were delivered locally on Wednesday and immediately she started to hear about a buzz on Facebook. She posted it on Sherman Farm's Facebook page at 2 p.m. ET Wednesday afternoon and two hours later the local Fox affiliate called.

"I got up Thursday morning and it was everywhere," Dutton added.

Sherman said the response has been "unbelievable -- and a little bit more than we ever dreamed of."

She didn't want to reveal what the original design was because there's a chance they might use it next year -- provided, of course, that the Bruins don't repeat as champions. But this season they're hoping not only to profit from the Cup-themed design, but also help out the local youth hockey league.

Sherman said she has not been in contact yet with the Bruins, but the goal is now to have either Thomas or another Bruins' player visit the farm and conduct an autograph session. She'd like to donate all proceeds from the autograph session to Mount Washington Valley Youth Hockey Association.

"It's dear to our hearts," Sherman said. "My son (Jeff Hatch) grew up playing in the Mount Washington Valley league."

This isn't the first time Sherman Farm has had a hockey-themed corn maze. In 2008 they honored the college rivalry between the New Hampshire Wildcats and Maine Black Bears, and had two days where part of their proceeds went to the Mount Washington Valley Youth Hockey Association and the Kennett High School ice hockey program.

However, with Thomas as the star this year, the goal is to set a farm record for visitors and profits in one season.

"The one factor that we have to consider is the weather," Sherman said. "We do not open if it's raining because the paths get slippery and dangerous. So  we're at the mercy of the weather, but it could potentially be our biggest year ever. Last year we did 15,000 people with a Charlotte's Web theme."

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