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When Our Kids Are Involved, We Are Nuts

by Mike Ulmer / Toronto Maple Leafs
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They asked Tomas Kaberle about his dad at the MasterCard centre on Wednesday.

Frantisek Kaberle, you may recall, said his son was struggling under Leafs coach Ron Wilson, thus adding more spin to a story that has generated everything but a final result.

“My father’s opinion I can’t control...can you control your dad?” Kaberle said to assembled reporters.

“I love my dad (but) I don’t agree with everything my father says,” Kaberle said. “That’s normal.”
Yes, yes it is.

‘S**T my Dad Says, The Maple Leafs Edition ‘ has left the younger Kaberle, a gentle soul if one ever existed, scrambling to smooth over his relationship with his dad and Wilson, his hockey surrogate.

  No hockey player has ever spoken a greater truth. You can’t control fathers.

My father believed vanilla was the only ice cream that mattered.

He believed in the healing power of magnets and the efficacy of bee pollen and gasoline additives.

He believed that when a heart attack seemed imminent, it was perfectly reasonable to smoke a cigar and wait for a decision from God.

He had crazy theories, some complimentary, others not, on various races.

My Dad did not believe in training wheels.

He used to exercise our dog by throwing him out of the car during rides in the country.

He never went south for a vacation.

He forbade us to kill spiders for his hatred of flies was unending.

He thought Martin Luther King was the greatest man of his time.

He donated staggering amounts of time to his service club.

He let go when pushing his kids on their first bicycle ride, even though it would have been easier to hang on.

He called.

He loved to take me golfing.

He taught me to compete.

He admired my wife and her family.

He could hang a nickname on you that stuck.

He played with the language.

I don’t know if Ron Wilson and Tomas Kaberle will make up to either man’s satisfaction. I suspect Kaberle’s game will improve dramatically since this is his option year. I couldn’t tell you if that will result in a trade since, by necessity, Kaberle can only gain leverage by doing things that will make the Leafs want to keep him.

I do know my kids can’t control me, especially when it comes to them. I pad through their sensitivities whenever I have something to say.

As far as they are concerned, I am an ungovernable force who will take any measure, right or wrong, if I perceive a real injustice directed at my kid. Shakespeare’s conceit of the mad king in the confines of his castle works for me.

And so I understand Frantisek Kaberle completely and I blame him not at all.

When our kids are involved, dads are nuts. It’s how we are.

Author: Mike Ulmer | Mapleleafs.commentator

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