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Unfortunate End To Komisarek's Season

by Adnan Virk / Toronto Maple Leafs
It’s a real shame that Mike Komisarek’s season had to end prematurely. Not only will he be unable to help the Maple Leafs finish strong, but also won’t be able to suit up for Team USA at the Olympics in Vancouver.

Komisarek came to Toronto with tons of promise-a player that clearly fits the Brian Burke mold of pugnacity, testosterone, belligerence and truculence. A reputation for being a mean, hard-hitting, stay at home defenceman earned him a five year contract from Burke but the 28 year old got off to a rough start in his first season in Toronto, with some overaggressive play resulting in too many penalties. However, after an injury absence, Komisarek showed more consistent defensive work and admitted he felt more relaxed and calmer on the blueline. Now, the rehab will be long and slow, an expected four-to-six months that will ideally see him ready for next year’s training camp. Surely, he can take some solace from the journey Phil Kessel took in his own lengthy rehab.


Bryan Colangelo, the president and general manager of the club, is a smooth individual. I had a chance to speak with him at length with the club approaching the All-Star break and outwardly, remains reasonably pleased with the club’s forward progress.

He has an option after this season ends which is not his own but told me that everything he’s been told by the bosses is that it will be picked up and Colangelo will return for next season and beyond. As he‘s said many times, he’s committed to building a winner in Toronto and on the basketball side of things, business is operating well.

As for the on court product, Colangelo told me there’s no forward progress yet with regards to Chris Bosh. The club intends to offer him the max after the season ends but in his words, “Chris is a big boy," and it will ultimately be his decision. If Bosh doesn’t re-sign, then BC is confident a strong nucleus and core is already in place and that money can be spent elsewhere on another impact player. Aside from Bosh, Andrea Bargnani has been a source of pride for Colangelo, as his game is on the verge of All-Star level and although he’s still flat-footed at times on the defensive end, the increase in shot blocking from Il Mago is welcome. Rebounding for the number one pick, Colangelo conceded, is still a work in progress.

Head coach Jay Triano told me that the one aspect of Colangelo that most don’t realize is he’s one of the hardest-workers he’s ever been around. Thus it should be no surprise that BC has yet to see James Cameron’s Avatar, which has grossed 2 billion dollars worldwide although Colangelo told me he’s looking forward to seeing it and judging from the trailers, “it looks a little odd, a little weird” but well aware of how much Cameron sunk into the project, he imagines it’s well worth seeing.


- Of all the 58 Oscar nominees for Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Original Screenplay, Adapted Screenplay, Editing, Sound Editing and Visual Effects, I’ve seen 54 of the nominees. The four remaining will be completed once I see Sandra Bullock in the Blind Side which is on tap for this weekend and The Messenger, starring Woody Harrelson, which has yet to hit Toronto theatres. Above all, I liked the nominees chosen by the Academy although I’m outraged that Where The Wild Things Are and Mary and Max were completely snubbed.

- Always a treat when you go in not expecting to like a movie and it’s a pleasant surprise. Not a real aficionado of sci-fi alien pictures, I hesitated to watch District 9 until after it was nominated for Best Picture. But hats off to Neil Blomkamp, a Vancouver resident born in South Africa for his original story with political overtones and an allegory for the unrest in his homeland. The opening third of the film unfolds in documentary style and the absurd humour is a welcome component. Once the story gets grimmer, Sharlto Copley, in his first major role morphs from human into a type of prawn and I won’t give away any more than that.

- I still have yet to see the video clip of Pink doing her best trapeze artist/singer routine at the Grammys but I’ve heard raves from fans of hers and even dissenters who admired the um…acrobatics?

- I’m calling the Colts to win 31-27 in the Super Bowl but I’ll be pulling with all my might for the underdog Saints to deliver for the great city of New Orleans. I’ll be locked in for two hours of pregame until the big showdown which means I’ll get about as much Shannon Sharpe as one man can handle.

- A shame that LT will probably be done with the Chargers. In 9 seasons, he became the heart of that team and city and was the league’s MVP in 2006. A career low 730 yards and only 3.3 yards a carry though mean he’s overpaid at this point.
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