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Ulmer: Quite The Conflict For Leafs

by Mike Ulmer / Toronto Maple Leafs

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In 1970, a pitcher of modest talent named Jim Bouton wrote a book called Ball Four that hit upon an unspoken but undisputed truth: big league ballplayers like to drink beer and chase women or, better yet, drink beer and have women chase them.

For this, he was roundly criticized and years later he followed up with a book called Glad You Didn’t Take It Personally. And it is here, good reader, where we meet.

There are some pretty smart people out there.  There are some rabidly loyal people out there and there are some that are combinations of both.

Looking back on the notes provoked by the piece urging, almost, Maple Leaf fans to back the Habs, we find these fundamental and conflicting arguments.

1.    You are either blue and white or red, white and blue but if you mix all the colours together you get a hell of a mess.

2.    You would rather have hot pokers shoved into your eyeballs than support the Montreal Canadiens.

3.    You like the team, it’s the fans you can’t stand.

4.    Come on, Montreal is in Canada.

5.    Habs fans wouldn’t cheer for the Leafs.

All these things, of course, are absolutely true.

Cheering for the Canadiens is like cheering for soil erosion.

Yes, their fans are obnoxious. I get a kick out of seeing all the car flags. Funny, I didn’t see flags as the team struggled to make the playoffs. Canadiens fans are behind their team…win or tie.

The team is admirable, heroic really. Anyone who dismissed the Habs because Halak has been revelatory would have said the same thing about J.S. Giguere or Bernie Parent or Patrick Roy.

I wish the Leafs had P.K. Subban. I also with they had signed Mike Cammalleri.

Yes, Montreal is in Canada. The maps say so. It is also a vibrant city that every Canadian should enjoy. I know I do.

No, they wouldn’t cheer for the Maple Leafs.  Since when do Leaf fans care what Hab fans say?

In the end, every person must endorse what their conscience recommends. You can tell I am extraordinarily conflicted. I can tell, I’m not alone.
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