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The New Hockey Terms

by Staff Writer / Toronto Maple Leafs
In case you haven’t noticed a new hockey vocabulary has surfaced over the past number of years.

Coaches, kids and even broadcasters are responsible for these new definitions. For fans that are confused, or having a difficult time understanding the meaning of some of these hockey sayings here is your new hockey dictionary.

In no particular order:

1. He plays both sides of the puck – A good defensive and offensive player.
2. A player is on the right side of the puck – Good defensive position.
3. Good separation – Takes the player to get the puck.
4. Swarm the puck – First player on the puck, second player there for possession, third player close by in a strong defensive position.
5. Getting in the shooting lanes – Good shot blocker.
6. Close the gaps – Defence standing up on the play with good support from the forwards.
7. Active stick – Good poke checker.
8. Newspaper piece – Newspaper article.
9. We need one more piece – One more player.
10. Backside pressure – Good back check.
11. Clapper – Kids' word for slap shot.
12. Top cheese – Kids' word for shot in the top corner.
13. Pizza up the middle – Kids' name for a giveaway up the middle.
14. Limiting time and space – Strong positional play/tight checking.
15. Net presence – Get a player in front screening the goalie.
16. Economy of movement in the net – Strong goaltender positional play.
17. Puck Support – Giving a player an outlet pass.
18. Celly – Kids' terminology for a goal celebration.
19. Toey – Kids' word for Toe drag.
20. Half boards – Wingers position on the boards in the defensive zone. Or shot on net from the angle halfway up the zone.
21. Home plate – The slot and in front of the goal.
22. The trenches – Winning battles on the boards or in front of the net.
23. The wall – The boards.
24. Locker Room – Dressing room.
25. Sewie – Kids' name for a suicide pass.
26. Tilly –  Kids' name for a fight.
27. Rock pile/piles – Kids' name for rookies.
28. Puffer – Kids' name for soft shot or fan.
29. Buckets – helmets.
30. Twigs – Sticks.
31. Biscuit – Pucks.
32. Dirty/filthy/sick – Kids' name for a good move.
33. Hand grenade -  Brutal giveaway.
34. Stick on puck – Poke check then contact.
35. Good rim – Good shoot in around the boards.
36. Wasn’t engaged/or involved – A nice way of saying not trying or out to lunch.
37. Soft – Chicken.
38. Activate the defence – Defence joining the attack/jumping in.

So there you go. I am sure that there are a few missing.

If you have any more, please let me know by adding me on Twitter/gregmillen. I will add them to the list!

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