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Quinn, Meehan comments on Cujo

by Staff Writer / Toronto Maple Leafs


  • "We've made a significant offer and we hope he stays with us," Quinn said. "But we can't control that and we're not going to get caught short-handed. We'll make our own move relatively soon to make sure we're in good stead in our goaltending position, an important position."

  • "July 1 would open the door for everybody, him included, and July 1 would be a time where if he has not responded to us favourably we'd probably have to move as quickly as we could because there are two or three pretty good players out there," Quinn said. "We'd maybe prefer Curtis but I think July 1 we'd have to start making some moves. He would've had ample opportunity to respond by then."

  • "He's in a situation where he was before," Quinn said. "He's an unrestricted free agent so you can make some good decisions based on a lot of things: economic factors, social and lifestyle factors. They'll all come into play with Curtis."


  • "I think Monday they'll have to make a hard and fast assessment and decision and we will as well," Meehan said. "It's a real hard and fast assessment because, for no other reason, that we'll run out of time. They may feel that our thoughts and our position may allow them to say, `We're moving on,' and once we really understand their thoughts and their views on Curtis and on the team's future, it may allow Curtis to simply say, `I'm moving on.' At some point in time, we have to get to that point and find out if this is going to work and I suspect that will happen on Monday or shortly thereafter."

  • "I can't read into what they're going to do," Meehan said. "If I could, we wouldn't be here (on June 20) talking about this situation. I'm surprised we're in this kind of position at this time dealing with an issue like Curtis Joseph in this city."
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